When did you last review your career?

Career Review Service

The career review service is essential for your career management. At a dental check up or taking the car in for an MOT we might not realise there is anything wrong, but the dentist can remind us to floss more; the garage can tell us that our brake pads will need changing soon.

The same with my career review service. By taking time each year to check how things are going we can identify feelings of dissatisfaction and make smaller adjustments. It’s good to know so that we can change a habit or diary when to get something changed or to create a plan for changes in our job.

Take some time to talk about how things are going in your job, and to see if you want to make plans. The areas covered in my career review service generally include asking clients to consider:

  • How happy am I in my current job?
  • Am I making the progress I want?
  • Would it help to look for ways to adapt my job?
  • How can I regain the enthusiasm for my job?
  • Should I be making the move elsewhere?

This helps you to:

  • Understand yourself better
  • Deal with every demanding work challenges (you don’t always have to say yes).
  • Focus on your next job or career
  • Adjust to a new direction in your life
  • Maximise your present opportunities
  • Make the necessary changes and adjustments in your life

If you are interested in learning more about my career review service do get in touch. This is what I usually include in my Career Review service:

  • Exercises to get you to review your current job and also to consider your career drivers and interests.
  • Joint creation of a plan on what to do next. This would list actions to support your career and life over the next 6 months. I’ll summarise this and send to you.
  • A monthly follow up message for the next 3 months to help keep you focused.
  • Recording of the call so you can listen to it again.

The fee for this career review service includes all my preparation time alongside one or more sessions.

Do you want to look at your wider life too?

We could also look at your broader life using the full Loving My Life eProgramme (sent to you in PDF format) and identify any changes that would be helpful. For this we would need to extend the session by 30 minutes.

I’d love to schedule a time in our diaries to help you to move forward in your career; and I hope you like the sound of this.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about my career review service or to go ahead.

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