You don’t just want any job – you want THE JOB.

You’ve got a clear career goal – you want the promotion or to make a significant change. You want to:

  • Wake up excited for the day ahead
  • Be working with people to bring out your best
  • Have work that feels effortless, it’s in line with your key strengths
  • Come home feeling you have a job well done
  • Be on the path to bigger and better
  • And more money – my clients regularly get salary increases of £6k plus when they move to a job they love

You’ve tried to do it alone but it’s a struggle. Maybe you are getting shortlisted, but it’s for jobs you don’t want; and for the jobs you really want you aren’t getting to interview.

For the past 25 years I’ve helped hundreds of people make the move to get the special job they really wanted using my Job Search Accelerator Programme.

Work with me and get the benefit of 25 years of expertise in getting the job you want. My expertise includes: Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Author of 6 careers books, Writer for The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and many magazines, and Careers Expert on Radio 5.

Every day I’m updating what works and what doesn’t work so that I can share the cutting-edge knowledge and techniques for the 21st century job search process. I use all my experience and knowledge to help people like you be successful in your job search to get the job you want.

There is so much information available for free online and it’s easy to think that you can get all the info you need there, but so much of what you find is poor quality, and often wrong.

You need to make sure you get information that is sound.

Far better to talk to a knowledgeable expert and to follow my Job Search Accelerator process.

Tell me more about the Job Search Accelerator process

I work with you for 3 months, to transform every element of your job search.

Finally, you are not on your own. Instead of guessing what will work, you know you can rely on the most experienced Career Coach in the UK.

By the end of 3 months you will have

  • A powerful CV, fully targeted at the job you want, not where you have been, to get you shortlisted. I’ll share with you the number one mistake people make on their CV.
  • A transformed LinkedIn profile that shows you as a hot prospect to get head-hunters wanting to connect with you. I’ll share secrets of how recruiters use LinkedIn – it’s not what you think!
  • Strategic job search expertise to support your applications and dramatically increase your chance of being shortlisted. I will personally read and review each of your applications.
  • Guidance in an alternative strategy to what most people follow that goes beyond looking at advertised jobs and standardized HR processes to get you seen by decision makers. This is 21st century job search.
  • Interview coaching sharing techniques and strategies to give you the upper hand.

Along with all the above, you can send short questions by email for 3 MONTHS and get a personal video reply within 1 business day. Far more effective and helpful than an email reply.

“Changing careers was going to be a challenge, but with Denise’s expertise and support I’ve been offered the job I wanted. Denise truly is amazing!”

Francesca, from a career in Media & International TV Distribution to Corporate Fundraising within the cultural giving sector.

Next Step

Imagine yourself in the job you really want with an increase of salary. Let me make it a reality with you. My clients who go for a higher position typically increase their salary by £6k pa. You can join this programme today for a fraction of this.

I’m looking forward to helping you make the move to the job you want.

Want something different? you can choose just one element (sort out your LinkedIn profile perhaps?) or I can customise my service for you.

Schedule a free consultation to see if I can help you find your dream job and increase your salary.