Feedback from Clients who have had Job Search coaching with Denise.

Des – promoted to Director in a blue chip company “I was going through an assessment centre/panel interview for my promotion to director in a blue chip company and Denise helped me to get through the process successfully. I was impressed by the personal touch, experience, confidence and insightful feedback from Denise – she knows her area. If you want to succeed in your careers, Denise is there to help you to succeed. It was worth the investment and now I’m enjoying the fruits of the success. During my search on the Internet, Denise was the only one who could provide the personal touch I was looking for.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Debbie – Achieved success in application to CEO using Interview Coaching
“The transformation that you have achieved for me is remarkable. A couple of months ago I was coming out of interviews having failed completely to get my points across. With your help I have learned how to prepare myself, focus on the interviewers’ questions and ensure that I communicate all the important facts concisely and effectively. You have also provided the all-important boost to my self-confidence, by spotting and building upon what I did well, as well as acknowledging my weaknesses with constructive, practical tips to overcome them.

As you know, I have now been offered an amazing job with an organisation where I believe that I can add real value and which is compatible with my commitments to my young family. I thought this was quite a tall order, but by helping me to focus on what is important, you have helped me to find the ideal career move.

It has been a delight to work with you and you made me feel as though I was your most important client. You are invariably cheerful and positive, but above all you really know what makes a difference in the world of recruitment and selection. You truly are an “Amazing Person” and I will be recommending you to everyone I know.  Click here to read the feedback letter


I read Denise’s excellent book ‘How to Get a Job in Recession’ and was greatly impressed by her down to earth approach and clear, jargon-free explanations. I decided to schedule a face-to-face meeting with Denise to bring myself right up to speed on current job-seeking strategies and I’m so glad I did.   She helped me to transform my CV from average to great and gave me lots of good advice on how to proceed with my job search.   I have come away with a new confidence and a clear strategy to follow rather than my previous, rather haphazard approach.  I have also downloaded 3 of Denise’s e-books which are written in the same practical, no-nonsense style and full of useful tips on specific aspects of job-seeking. Denise has continued to offer personal support and is such a pleasure to work with.   I am confident of finding the right new position soon and would not hesitate to recommend her. Ian, Northants

OMG!! That looks soooo much better!! Definitely more professional. Thank you Stacey

Thank you for all you help with my CV/applications, I could not have done it without you.  John Herbert

I found you very easy to talk to and felt that you were there for me and actually cared that I did the right things for my future career. I liked the relaxed environment of your office as part of your home and in a rural setting.  Your suggestions about my profile and networking were helpful and caused to me to think not only about specific actions I needed to take but also about where I had allowed myself to be lead over the last couple of years. Paul, Gloucestershire

Hi Denise, Thank you so very much for last week’s session – I found it immensely useful. I am now really calm about the situation.  I am also quietly excited about the future too and know I couldn’t have got to this point without your help. Thanks again Cath, Senior Administrator

Thank you for everything, I was really pleased with my performance yesterday even if don’t get to the next stage I came away feeling very positive. Sharon Atherton

I found our meeting so useful! I used your ‘proforma letter’ requesting an informational interview and sent it to the local Health Promotion Unit, and have a meeting with them next Tuesday! Thanks again Carol Julian

“This was only a brief session but it has helped me change my thinking in a subtle way and I feel I can approach my job search from new angles.”  Maurice, Gloucestershire

“I found the session helpful because it helped me begin to focus my thinking on a way forward and gave me confidence to start searching in the right areas for my profile and personality.”  Ray, Gloucestershire

David – successful through interview coaching: ‘Interview coaching with Denise was instrumental in me passing the selection panel’ David W.

Paul – successful through interview coaching: ‘I am writing to give you some extremely positive feedback following the Interview Training that we conducted by phone 3 weeks ago. I am pleased to say that during the week following the training I successfully attended 5 interviews with 2 companies and was offered both jobs!! Exhausting but thrilling too. I truly feel that the interview preparation I undertook with you was the defining factor as I approached each session thoroughly prepared and with anticipation. Whilst I am sure that much comes down to experience, CV and skill set I know that the prep I did with you set me apart and really was the difference. Thank you again for the training, money extremely well spent as far as myself and my family are concerned. Brilliant.   Paul, Senior Manager.

Interview Coaching ‘I would highly recommend Denise’s Interview Coaching sessions. I decided to try them after making it to interview stage but no further on several occasions. Denise was able to quickly pinpoint where I was going wrong and provide me with the confidence and skills to break the pattern. I put these into practice at my next interview and was offered the Job!’ R Hignett

“Once again, thank you for your amazing program and your altogether present support. Although I only progressed down the very start of your job search program’s path, I got a sense that this was going the right way and your email support really made a difference”.  Sam D. London

“Working through the application form I learned how to better interpret what employers would be expecting from it. I have a better understanding of employers’ recruitment methods and criteria. I found it very relaxed, friendly and informal. It was extremely helpful and offered real direction and steps for progress. Regular follow ups and further advice is really helpful keeping you on track and feeling supported” Tim H, Gloucestershire.

“Thank you so much, you helped me get my CV sorted, and I wouldn’t have got the job without your help” Carolyn W.

Job Search programme “I am really enjoying the Job Search programme (even though I must admit not to getting very far) I am writing my CV at the moment. The audios are brilliant too.   I must admit since starting this programme I have more confidence and after our last phone conversation I started to write to companies expressing my interest in doing work experience etc., I just wanted to build up networks”.   Kate Ruddick, Graduate

Interview Guide: After reading the first part of your book I have now managed to write the answer to “tell me about yourself” hurrah!   Sandra, Worcester

“Brilliant help with my job search. I now have a great CV and have appreciated your support in finding a new job. Your confidence in my abilities helped me keep my spirits up.”  Helena Fox, Cardiff

While we never did get to work together extensively, I did experience one of her get-back-to-work guide books and was very impressed by its comprehensive nature, ensuring those who had a mind to get a job would be leaving very little to chance if they followed Denise’s simple guidelines.

While I can, therefore easily give Denise a recommendation for her eBook, I think it is more important to mention how Denise is as a human being.

While I was clearly not someone who was about to splash a whole lot of cash in her direction, Denise nevertheless took time out of her evening schedule to meet with me and give me an hour of her time in which she imparted some useful advice and gave me a rounded view of my CV and what I would need to do with or without the use of her services.

She has a selfless compassion that combines with her passion for supporting people into the job of their dreams. That is the thing I remember most about Denise – someone who clearly values the humanity in others and deeply cares for the people she interacts with. That is who I think of when I think of Denise Taylor.

I recommend her to anyone who is looking for support, guidance and coaching for a career change or the search for a new job. All the best Sam Deane

CV guide

“I was so impressed by the support Denise gave me – most unexpected. Quick as well as honest and valuable. The ‘Create a CV’ e-book is full of first class hints and tips many of which I’ve never come across anywhere else. The work we did together gave me every chance for success – in my first attempt for 27 years!” Martin Haworth

“I found the CV guide really useful. I really like how the questions helped to extract the important points from each job I have had. From that it was easy to see a common thread from the jobs I have done and the skills/attributes which were required to achieve things within those positions.” Fiona C, Worcester

“The good thing about the CV guide is that it asks all the relevant questions for you. Otherwise you would have to think up the questions yourself and then find the answers as well!” Basically, I thought it was really good; it didn’t feel like hard work. Before you know it, from answering the questions in the booklet, you soon have more than enough information to build your CV. The advice is really good, and it raises a lot of points I had never considered previously, such as writing “would like a job with good opportunities for career progression” etc., which obviously sounds bad to the employer. I guess it is an insight into how a potential employer might view an application. The best thing, in my opinion, is the secret world of achievement bullets! Danny Gray, Computer Specialist

“Your Create a CV Guided Workbook has been very helpful and informative” Stephen W, Gloucestershire

The value you have added to my job hunting savviness today has been astounding. Bee


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