Hi, it’s Dr Denise. I’ve spent most of the weekend at the wood and that was because there’s woodland management tasks that needs doing. I’ve got the chainsaw helmet because we’ve been busy sawing and I need to be safe. But also, because I’ve decided I need to spend much less time on my computer.

I read an awful lot of articles. I’m reading blog posts, etc. And I just really want to take time away from that sort of thing. I was reading somewhere about maybe we should reclaim the Sabbath. I’m not somebody with strong religious beliefs, but I think the idea of taking time away from work, away from computers and technology in general and just take time to experience a quieter way of life on at least one day a week is a good one.

And for me, it’s spending time in my wood. For you, it might be snuggled up in front of the fire and reading some novels.

I do think when we think about our life, when we think about the things that we are doing, taking time to allow ourself just to be, rather than to be focusing on external demands is worth doing.

You could say that I’m still working but it’s a very different sort of work. We own a coppice and it needs to be managed. I’ll be adding some pictures on a blog post. We’ve been taking down one of the trees to get it ready for regrowth. And that’s an important metaphor.

We’ve been seeing, what can be used as pea sticks or staking poles and other sorts of things that you can make use of it, rather than it all to go for firewood. It’s been useful doing that, but it’s not something that I’ve spent a long time doing.

We keep on taking breaks, so we sit and have tea by the fire, which is lovely. And I lit the fire today, which is something I haven’t done for ages. I’ve just let my partner do it. But I can do it. I just was feeling a bit nervous and feeling, Oh, no, he’s so much better than me. But I’ve reminded myself how to light a fire.

I’ve also been walking about. It’s lovely because you can see where the primroses are going to come up and some of the lords and ladies. From now every time I come to the wood, which is once twice a week I’m going to notice some new things But my main reason for doing this video today is just to say:

“Do you take a time out on a regular basis?”

And if not, what’s stopping you? And if you did take a time out, what would it be? What would you enjoy doing? I’d love to know your thoughts. It’s Sunday afternoon now. I’ll be back here again on Friday. And I’ve got some plans for what I’m going to do. And come, March change of clocks etc. I think then I’m going to start staying over. I do have a log burner in the tent.

The most important thing is just getting outside of our normal life. And doing something different. And that’s really useful for giving us time to think about things. What is it that we should be doing and what is it that we want to spend our time doing?


It’s always useful to take a bit of a time out.

I hope that’s pretty good food for thought. So, it’s Dr. Denise Taylor down at the Wood. Take care and talk to you again. Bye!

Published On: January 28th, 2024 / Categories: Inspiration, Productivity, Woodland Conversations /