Who is hiring?

I’ve been searching and found some useful articles on companies are hiring. Many of these may be to US openings, but what is happening there, should be similar to in the UK Companies that are recruiting Companies Are Still Hiring During COVID-19—Here Are 97 That Want Your Applications Now This list includes pharmaceutical companies – … Continued

Job Search Tips

I was on the Radio this afternoon. Talking with Phil Kennedy, of Radio Berkshire. In the news today were details on job losses at 2 large employers. It’s tough to lose your job at any time. In a time like this, and in recessions in the past, when there are few jobs and a lot … Continued

How will you stand out in the job market?

It’s going to be a tough one, looking for a new job. So many other people looking for jobs, so how will you stand out? We know the reason for this – the Covid-19 pandemic has put tens of millions of jobs at risk across Europe.  Lockdown lead to businesses putting employees into furlough, many … Continued

Don’t lie on your CV

Do you embellish your CV? A lot of people do. And men do it more than women. if you are tempted, beware! 51% of employers said that they would automatically dismiss a candidate if they found a candidate had lied on their CV. The Lies we tell on resumes, courtesy of Background Checks.org

Job Search in the Corona Virus, part 2

Last week I wrote a blog post on Job Searching In The Corona Virus Crisis. A couple of updates to this prompted by one of my clients who has just received a job offer with the whole assessment process done online. She reminded me of a blog post I’d written back in 2016, so coming … Continued

Job Searching In The Corona Virus Crisis

Hints and Tips to be at your best. This week I’ve worked with 2 clients, one is in the midst of interviews. All now done online. She’s had to adapt her interview style to more quickly develop rapport. Another client has found all possible interviews put on hold. The organisations being applied to have frozen … Continued

Lessons from a Courageous Entrepreneur

I’m pleased to be associated with a leading recruiter – Fiona Wilson, Managing Director, FJ Wilson Talent Services, United Kingdom FJWTS’ clients are organisations for professionals. They include membership organisations, awarding bodies and learning providers. Clients use FJWTS’ solutions to help them recruit fresh talent and to make the best use of the talent they … Continued

Customizing Your CV

I help people create effective CVs, but they still need adapting for each job. To set yourself up for success in your job search, you will need to make minor adjustments to tailor your CV to each specific job you are targeting. Start by copying your CV and renaming it like this: YOUR_NAME-Company_Name.doc Your CV … Continued

New Year – new job or new perspective?

Early January, did you make resolutions – lose weight, stop smoking, learn a language, but already struggling? why is it so hard to make a success of this? Is one of your goals to get a new job?  Let’s talk through a structure to help you get the change you want in 2013. Review your … Continued