I was phoned yesterday afternoon (3 August) to be a guest on the Kevin O’Sullivan show on Talk TV. It’s a while since I’ve been on TV and this was to be via Zoom so I was interested in the process.

I knew the topic; I’d read the article in The Times that morning: Get on your (Deliveroo) bike if you need to work, minister tells over-50s. It was so typical of Government ministers – out of touch and condescending.

Read it here: Get on your bike

The reason most people over 50 or over 60 are not working are they

  • don’t need the money and are happy with a conventional retirement
  • are in ill health and can’t continue to work
  • are no longer looking for work as they are full-time carers for family members


  • want to work but don’t get shortlisted, and if they do don’t succeed at interview.

With this last reason, sometimes it is down to poor job search techniques, and my book – Find Work at 50+ is helpful, but it is also due to ageism in the interview process.

Instead of suggesting jobs that are going to create headlines, Government would do better to encourage people to review their skills and background and identify future career plans, then give them retraining to meet business needs. Many people in this age group left school at 16 and have had little development beyond what is needed for their job. A deeper dive into their strengths, interests, and what the world needs could lead to some good options, but there would still be a need for retraining. This is where the government can help.

You can watch/listen via this link

Published On: August 4th, 2023 / Categories: 50+, Job Search /