Feedback from Clients who have completed the Gold, Silver Plus  & Silver Programmes.

‘Wendy’ – completed Silver Programme

I recently took part in the silver programme with Denise and found the programme to be very beneficial to my situation.  I was confused about where I was going and need to take control of my career.  I needed Denise’s help to bring some focus and perspective back to my current role but also to look beyond my current role and look at other career avenues.  Having taken part in the sessions, I have a much better understanding of my own skills and abilities as well as a plan for my career in the short, medium and longer term.  Thank you Denise for your help.

Jo – completed Silver Plus Programme

Thank you so much for your help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge and overall positive and energetic attitude. I know that I made the right decision to use you as my careers coach and I shall recommend you to anyone who I speak to who is not sure what to do with their career. Click here to read the feedback letter

Richard – completed The Gold Programme

Whatever the outcome I am so pleased that I came to you.  I had been so down and thinking there was something wrong with me changing jobs and not knowing what I wanted to do.  This whole experience has been brilliant thank you. Click here to read the feedback letter

Colette – completed The Gold Programme

I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that you provide on the gold programme as pieced together they provide an amazing insight. This, mixed with your knowledgeable, helpful and patient coaching is a potent mixture for instigating change.  For the first time I feel assertive about who I am at work and, importantly, who and what I am not. I feel confident in my abilities and released from the need to be anything other than myself in defining and enjoying my future career. Click here to read the feedback letter

Sylvana – completed The Gold Programme

What can I say other than what a truly remarkable, knowledgeable and professional woman Denise Taylor is.   Denise is an expert in her field and she really does know how to channel this expertise. Her service is personal to each individual and this is what makes her programmes such a success. After 8 years of searching I have finally got back my life and a vision of a remarkable life and career at that. I owe this to Denise’s expert guidance. I would still be searching and wasting more valuable time if it wasn’t for Denise. Denise, thank you so much. I will never forget all that you have done for me. Click here to read the feedback letter

Alison – PA to Legal Executive
“I have received paid careers counselling in the past but do feel that this time, my desired outcome – a job I can truly say I love, may at long last be within my grasp. Having previously done the Myers Briggs I found the Highlands Ability Battery to be a refreshingly different and useful tool which complements the knowledge I have gained about myself and my working preferences to date. However, it is your ability to synthesise results from the HAB, Myers Briggs and an individuals passions and interests which I believe differentiates you from others in your field.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Andrew – Setting up own company as Quantity Surveyor and Building Cost Consultant
“First may I say I was impressed with your relaxed and informal, yet very thorough approach. I felt that you always gave me your full attention during these meetings. The second thing I thought very good about your service was the comprehensive testing you undertook at the start of the process, especially the Highlands Ability Test which I felt gave me a valuable insight into the kind of person I am.

Following on from this, the way in which you guided me through the test results and helped me to come up with a workable plan was excellent. Your detailed understanding of how our personality types affect our working lives was extremely useful here. I liked also the emphasis you put on considering leisure pursuits to satisfy abilities which may not be fully used in our work.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Ben – Temp to ideal job
I think the best thing I can say about the advice you have given me is that you have always been frank and open in our discussions, an excellent sounding board for career frustrations. The Highlands Battery was a really useful, as well as a very informative exercise. It confirmed many things that I already knew and gave me confidence that I wasn’t as bad a judge of my own character as I was beginning to feel I might be. The Myers Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory rounded off the package, showing me that many of my career inclinations were correct, while broadening the field of options with jobs that I might not have ordinarily have considered.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Fiona – Teacher to Estate Agent
“From our first conversation on the telephone I felt comfortable and able to talk openly and honestly about the way I felt and what I was looking for. One of the most important aspects for me was to be able to sit face to face and talk through the available options. I learnt so much about myself using the internet based tests along with your skilled interpretations. Almost a year on I am still applying what I learned and considering your advice as I take each step towards a new career and a much more sustainable work life balance.

I would also like to thank you for the work you did with my daughter. She is now doing the job she wanted and looking around and applying for her next job with a confidence she wouldn’t have had before her sessions with you.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

George – Unclear graduate to a success on an Advertising graduate trainee scheme
“The effort you’ve put in on my part, in particular with the support you offered, and continue to offer, after all our scheduled meetings had taken place, has been above and beyond my expectations. I doubt I could have found such professional and caring guidance or such a comprehensive approach, in that you go way beyond what is available elsewhere, and I did a good deal of research before choosing you.

I would also like to thank you for suggesting I take the Highlands Ability Battery, which in conjunction with your help in interpreting its results have been little short of a revelation for me in terms of understanding my own strengths and weaknesses, and the reasons for past successes and failures.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Gethin – Structural Engineer to Landscape Designer
“Thanks for helping me over the past few months to understand myself better and helping me realise what type of career would suit my abilities, interests and values. The programme has also helped me understand certain aspects of myself that I can develop in future, both in my personal life and professional career. Making a career change in ones mid thirties can be a daunting task, but the path ahead seems far less daunting, thanks largely to your professional and caring advice.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Hiran – Computer Software Engineer, Bangalore, India
“I just wanted to drop you a note to say that the course I took on career counselling with you was very helpful. The Highlands Battery Ability Test which was part of the process was very insightful. Your interpretations of the results of the test were even more helpful. I appreciate your guidance on the steps to take for satisfying the abilities and alternative career paths … Thanks you Denise once again for your organised approach and patience.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Irene – Army Officer to a new career in Italy
“As soon as we spoke on the phone your gentle demeanour put me at ease immediately and my fears were a laid. After discussing the best way forward I completed the Highlands Ability Battery and your detailed explanation of the results made it clear why I had been feeling like I had been trying to swim up hill through treacle at work.

Your enthusiastic explanations of my natural abilities make my eyes twinkle with the ray of wonderful possibilities that lay ahead in my life, many I have never even imagined. You make me realise that there are so many fantastic pathways open to me. Although I am still researching and exploring which will be the path of my dreams, I have to tell you that your guidance and continued support has been the key to unlocking the gates to these magical pathways and new adventures. Denise you are an inspirational Goddess and you have made me love life to the full again!

Your tentative manner makes me feel as though I am being treated as a friend not just as a client, which has been immensely reassuring during this important change in career, and life direction. Taking the steps to get in touch with you is the best move I have made in years and it has definitely been a positive life changing experience.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Jessica – Civil Servant to business owner
“I would like to thank you for all your help and support with helping me decide on what career path to take. I think that when making the decision to see someone to help you with an area of your life where you know you need to make changes it is a very difficult step to make. Therefore, when arranging to meet you for the first time I was quite apprehensive and felt out of my comfort zone. However, within minutes of talking with you I immediately started to relax and I knew I had done the right thing.

Your commitment and passion for your work shines through and it is very inspirational to see what can be achieved if you choose the right career for yourself and you are an excellent example for this. You are a very inspiring person and I feel grateful that I came across your path.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Julia – Sales and Marketing to a career in Intellectual Property
“Our work together has allowed me to recognise and re-kindle my continuing passion for science and innovation, understand my preferred work style and identify the roles that are most likely to match this style … As well as the content of our work, I have really appreciated your open and supportive coaching style”.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Kellie – unemployed to Makeup Artist
“Whilst consulting with Denise she helped me to see outside of the box and consider paths I would never have thought of before … I now feel that I have a new direction and am truly fulfilling what I want to do. It has also taught me that you don’t need to stick to one thing and more often than not having different interests and skills that might seen like they work against each others can combine to a larger picture.

I must also say that Denise helped me with my CV … With help from Denise I managed to gain full time employment … giving me time to think about what to do next. … Without the confidence and expertise given to me from Denise I would not have achieved this.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Lewis – Frustrated Buyer to University Researcher
“Taking career counselling with you has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I also want to thank you for providing such a personal service and for advice on job applications and interviews that provided invaluable. I only wish I’d come to see you years ago.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Pippa – Taking control of her career, within her company
“The whole experience gave me invaluable knowledge as relates to my career path and where I should look to focus my professional intentions … Through the two way journey that was undertaken, I feel more confident that I can follow my dreams and will be successful as you have helped to identify my skills and natural abilities necessary to do this.

I would eagerly recommend working with Denise to anyone who was unsure of what they wanted to do with their career, whether this is a first career or a career change much later on.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Ranjit – Frustrated office worker to studying for an MSc in her ideal career
“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic help and support you have provided me with whilst I have been in the process of reassessing my career options. I have found your approach to careers counselling has far surpassed my expectations; not only have I learned about what careers would suit my abilities and interests, I have also learned so much about myself which I feel I can apply to all aspects of my life.   In the past I have paid for careers programmes but none have had the friendly, flexible and tailored approach you offer. I have been so pleased with my experience I have recommended you to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you!”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Marc – feedback from a career changer
I found the Highlands Ability Battery test to be a very powerful tool in assessing my strengths and weaknesses and was very impressed by the in-depth analysis of the results of this. I also enjoyed the values exercise which clarified what I want from a work situation very effectively. The environment analysis was also useful as were the Myers-Briggs and Strong assessments.

On a personal level I found it to be a very relaxed and informal environment where I could be myself and express my thoughts without being made to feel foolish. I thought you listened very well and empathised with my situation whilst also offering sound and practical advice. I greatly enjoyed the sessions and found them all useful.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Rona – feedback from a mid career client
During our sessions Denise was informative and encouraging. She listened and provided objective feedback. There was no criticism only an understanding that everyone is different with differing abilities and desires in life. Moreover the sessions were fun and interactive.

When I first sought Denise’s help I was unclear about the way forward in my life as well as my career. For me reaching 40 was a half way stage in life and a good opportunity to reflect back on my past career/lifestyle as well as to learn more about myself in terms of my abilities and personality. I particularly liked taking the psychometric tests online as I found this more relaxing. I could split them up over a period of time. The system was easy to use and informative. I felt it was invaluable to have carried out the pre-assessment for the Highlands and then compare this with the actual results afterwards.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Alan – feedback from a senior executive client
The approach was always professional, but in a relaxed environment. Felt at ease and although we made appointments I never felt rushed or stressed. Outside of the more formal processes and delivery required by the various tests, I liked the fact that you offered ideas and suggestions. Your considerable experience in the real world and your personable attitude meant that the sessions were never just a clinical feedback on the test results alone. The loan of your software and books to help me move ideas forward was a nice gesture and beyond expectation.

Your professional experience and qualifications made a big difference in my search for a coach, but from the sessions I was pleased to learn that you had made a major career change and had real experience of the challenges faced in doing so – I felt that I was working with someone who had not simply changed career to become an “instant” coach, as was the case for many coaches that I researched.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Alan – feedback from an unhappy lawyer who is now on his way to his chosen new career

  • What did you like, what was helpful about our sessions? I found out a lot about myself and, in particular, about whether or not I was suited for my current job.
  • What were the key learning points for you? That I was not suited for a fast-paced environment but, instead, a more secure profession within which I knew my responsibilities and what had to be achieved on a day-to-day basis. I learnt that not being good at something (ie not possessing a certain ability) was not necessarily negative – what is important is to discover in which profession the abilities which you do have are required.
  • Would you work with me again? Would you recommend this service to your friends/colleagues? Yes and yes.
  • Wonderful job, Denise. You have helped me take the ‘oh so important step’ of finally being able to distance myself from a job which made me unhappy for years. The future is bright – thanks so much.

What might you say to others about this programme? “It’s very helpful, especially to those who are stuck for ideas as it helps you to widen your horizons and think of options you may not have previously considered”.  Lisa Williams

“I’ve learnt not to rush into things headlong and to explore other avenues other than the obvious. I like the way this has helped me to see “outside the box.”
Martin, Germany.

“What would I say to others: if you ever come to a juncture in your career plans, and even if you are perfectly content with your career you are in, consider taking time out to do this programme and learn about yourself, it might show you where you really should be aiming or perhaps prevent you from making a costly mistake in terms of a promotion that might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.  Ben E. Yorkshire.

“I would like to thank Denise for being an inspirational person, who can apply vast professional and personal experience into helping other people to excel in everything they do.  A combination of three assessments, values exercise, brainstorming session and further research is a stepping stone to finding a satisfying career.  The book How to Get a Job in a Recession by Denise helps you find the job you want by providing thorough information on every aspect of the job search.” Aisulu, London

“Thank you for all your help in these decsions. I think on some level I knew what I wanted to do before I came to see you, but I don’t think i would ever have clarifed what I wanted or had the courage to make the difficult decisions without your help. Your services have been invaluable to me and i owuld recommend you most highly – in fact i already have! Nuala, Wiltshire

“What I liked most about your career development programme was its comprehensive approach, in that you go way beyond what I would normally expect to find in a vocational guidance course. Serious time and thought is given over to identifying strengths, weaknesses and passions, and it left me in little doubt about the direction I should choose.”  Robert White, Watford

“Clear and structured explanations, precise answers to open questions I collected between receiving the report and our feedback session. Positive atmosphere, I liked that. You gave examples about yourself that made it more personals, I liked that. You offered possibilities for follow up. I would recommend it! I honestly do not belief that testing alone is the “solution nevertheless I believe that to take the battery helped me to reinforce some perceptions I had about me and I think it gave a better idea s on what I should improve and where I should focus more. It explained me also some aspects I wasn’t completely aware of. I think I have a better consciousness now of where the frustration is coming from instead of having only the awareness of not being completely satisfied in my job”.  Daniela Switzerland.

“Thank you so much for your outstanding career counselling, which way surpassed my expectations. I am so glad I didn’t spend thousands of pounds on another programme that would probably have taken six months. I am amazed at how little I knew about my natural abilities, and taking Highlands sorted me out not just for a career change now, but for the rest of my life. I also understand now why I was so unhappy in my previous jobs. I’m looking forward to a bright new career and future, and that is a priceless gift”.  Nicole Anderson

“In less than 12 months I have been helped by the programme to change direction and increase my job satisfaction. All this when at a personal low and fighting depression”  Chris, Herefordshire

More than anything else I think my visits to you made me realize that I *did* have the drive to make the change I have now succeeded in making, and that no-one else was going to make it for me, so in that respect “Thank You!”.   Tim, Cheltenham

“I enjoyed the session with you yesterday very much and I must say I appreciated the way you helped me find practical ways of “putting my cards on the table”. I found the values exercise particularly helpful… I always try to match jobs vaguely to my interests but have never thought of scoring them, which was quite an eye opener. You are an excellent advisor and facilitator and I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, relatives or colleagues.”  Victoria W, Bristol.

After months spent trawling through career websites and fruitless research, I finally took action and invested in Denise’s Silver Plus Programme. Denise systematically focussed my abilities and interests through a number of psychometric tests, the results of which were explained thoroughly to me. I now know where my abilities lie and in which direction I should be heading in. As a graduate it is sometimes very difficult to know what kinds of jobs are available and it is all too easy to take the wrong path. After working with Denise my confidence has soared and now I can really focus on my applications with the knowledge that this career path is the right one for me. Thank you for all your help Denise.   Vanessa Murray, Graduate.

‘The Highlands Battery was illuminating, as was the analysis afterwards with Denise.   I really liked the fact that actual career suggestions were offered at the end of the session – this really helped to focus my mind.  There hasn’t been one key learning point, more a general sense that changing careers doesn’t have to be an impenetrable labyrinth with no way out. Just to be able to talk to a professional about my current career, and my hopes and aspirations, was hugely beneficial in terms of focus and motivation.’ Paul Roberts.

A while ago I was stuck at a crossroads in my career, I could have carried on doing a job I didn’t enjoy or choose to make a change.  I decided to work with Denise from Amazing People and after a few sessions, Denise’s methods had helped me work out the path to my perfect job.  I am pleased to say that I am now doing something I really enjoy and it wouldn’t have been possible without Denise’s help.  Garry, Commercial Director. Sports industry

Your professional experience and qualifications made a big difference in my search for a coach, but from the sessions I was pleased to learn that you had made a major career change and had real experience of the challenges faced in doing so – I felt that I was working with someone who had not simply changed career to become an “instant” coach, as was the case for many coaches that I researched.  Alan James

“I have been impressed by the whole service! The high standards continued during the meeting. The relaxed atmosphere helped me focus in a difficult subject. Having the conversation taped allowed me to relax and not worry about making notes. Email communication has been good, with fast responses to my questions.”  Will A. Berkshire.

“I liked the feeling that we weren’t rushed. It felt relaxed and open. I’ve learnt that, within reason, a lot is possible”.  Kira W Worcestershire

“I liked the fact that you were so helpful and kind. I really appreciated your genuine desire to help. The whole process made me realise how much I need the change I am daring for. Through the procedure we concluded to professions that were in agreement with what my intuition had been telling me all along. It really helped me and I do certainly recommend it”.  Eleni P, Greece.

“It’s very relaxed, and I feel able to discuss all issues without feeling like you are judging me. You are also very patient. Finding out what I want out of life with regards to all areas not just my work. I have found out that it is all the other areas in your life that can have a big effect on what you want to do with your career”.  Peter, Wiltshire.

“You helped me so much over the past few months and I want to let you know how much I value what we did together, I feel like I know myself and my values 100% better like they were always there but I just needed help discovering them for myself”.  Ellie, North America.

“Thanks for all your help Denise. Whilst I think that our work has in many ways confirmed what I already knew about myself, the real value has been in giving me the confidence to pursue a different direction based on your independent, profession (and friendly!) assessment and guidance.”  Paul F, Worcestershire.

“Thank you so much for all your help. It has been a great experience; not only by identifying career opportunities, which I’m really enthusiastic about but also unexpectedly helping me to discover myself. It is now easier for me to appreciate who I am and accept that it is OK to be who I am. So thank you – I will be in touch again very soon!”  Lisa, Cheltenham

“I thought that career counselling would be a quick fix for a particular obstacle I had to overcome. But several years down the line, my sessions with Denise still feed into the decisions I make about my working life. The unexpected eye-opener was pinpointing exactly what I DON’T want from a working situation and I’ve gone from a bored, ‘henpecked’ employee to a freelancer doing a job I love.”  Frankie P, Amsterdam/London

“Denise’s help has been invaluable and she has helped me to understand my values and qualities. From this, I have developed a better understanding of both my life and career goals. The sessions have enabled me to focus on all aspects of my life and helped me develop an overall action plan that enables me to focus on both my career and personal life.”  Chris, Midlands

“My update is that I’m currently enjoying being back at the Hospital in new role, home life is much better, as being far more open. I must put a lot of credit your way for making me rethink life as a whole and I’m glad to report much more positive over last 12-18 months.”  Chris H, Staffordshire.

Denise, many thanks for your message. Just to let you know, I have now got the flying job I wanted and am flying in Namibia. As for the next change in career, I’ll let you know.  Dave

What did you like about our sessions: I found them very enjoyable and informative. You are easy to talk to. I particularly liked the way you allowed me space to explore my own thoughts, as well as guiding me gently back to the subject at hand if I strayed too far off on a tangent!  John Walters

Thank you for the session yesterday afternoon. You gave me some valuable advice about how to approach my job search, in particular to focus on what I really want to do and not be sidetracked by what I don’t, to try and identify the skills I have acquired thro life rather than work and apply them to the workplace, and to be more pro-active in my methods. Thank you also for the sample letter you sent this morning. I shall try to use it, suitably amended, in approaching potential employers. I will certainly consider coming to you for further assistance if I am unsuccessful in finding a job in the near future.”  Ross, Herefordshire