You want to get promoted, perhaps within your company, maybe somewhere else.

You need help – someone to help keep you focused, to ensure you have a stretch but attainable goal and to provide practical support and guidance to help you get promoted.

This is something you may want to be subtle about – you don’t want colleagues, or maybe even your boss knowing your plan.

It could be you’ve just moved, and this time don’t want to spend years before you get the next step up.

You want a plan. I can help you get promoted.

Why Me?

  • I understand how to be ‘political’ within an organisation, how to raise your profile, get known by the right people, focus on the activity that helps your career.
  • I help you demonstrate or develop leadership and strategic skills, for the top jobs you need to have clear evidence on both.
  • As a psychologist I can help you to work on your ‘inner talk’,
  • I understand social media and creating a strong online presence.
  • I’m a good sounding board 
  • I understand how to enhance your CV 

The Process