An effective CV will get you shortlisted. How effective is yours?

With over 25 years’ experience in selection and recruitment I create CVs that get people to interview.  Too many people fail to tailor their CV to the job they want, they send a generic CV full of irrelevant material.

I have been short-listing candidates since 1989 and helping people create CVs since 1997. I provide practical and effective support.

I provide a jointly created CV service – we work together to clearly demonstrate your suitability for your target job. We start with my review of your CV and email exchange, or short phone call to be clear on your job focus and the requirements of the job.

I’ll make immediate changes and then send you some tasks to do.

You’ll complete these and I’ll review again, rinse and repeat till we are both happy.

I focus on content and style.

We pull out what is key from your background and ensure it is focused on achievements.

I want your CV to look great, with judicious use of colour, borders and lines to create a visual impact and encourage the recruiter to read on.

I want it to be focused on the needs of ATS shortlisting and so we will include key words

Overall, I spend up to 3 hours on your CV.

Initial Enquiry

Jointly created CV

Students and graduates

The cover letter/eNote is 50% of your marketing campaign.

These appear simple but need time to get right and clearly focus on the job. I can create an effective cover letter and share the approach so you understand the process. Nowadays they tend to be short notes, which takes longer than the old style long letters. Every word must count.