Career Assessments will help you to understand more about yourself

Career assessments will help you to understand more about your abilities, personality, interests and more. Using career assessments can be an effective means of making a career choice and increasing career satisfaction.

No career assessment will tell you exactly what you should do – you make the decisions, but career assessments can provide effective information to inform your decision making. You can then use the output from the career assessments alongside your own ideas, skills and background, values, goals and more.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.  Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” —Lao Tzu

What are career assessments?

Career assessments are based on career theory which draws on three major domains of individual differences – cognitive (ability), conative (motivation and interest) and affective (personality).

These are assessed via different career assessments; ability tests, personality questionnaires, and interest inventories. They produce a wealth of data, and working with a skilled psychologist will enable you to draw together the results of whichever career assessments are chosen and are used within an in-depth discussion to lead to meaningful decisions.

Career assessments can also help preparation for a forthcoming assessment centre or testing session.

We use the most effective career assessments available.

As a Chartered Psychologist I use highly reputable advanced assessments that are light years ahead of what you can get for free on the net (which are usually a “rip off” version which break copyright laws).  To understand more about who you are choose career aptitude tests and personality assessments.

Career Aptitude / Career Ability Tests e.g. Highlands Ability Battery

Career AssessmentsCareer Ability Tests help you to understand your strengths in a range of areas including problem solving, verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning.

Ability tests are an essential element of a career coaching programme for anyone seeking clarity to make a career decision. Finding out your natural abilities through career aptitude tests like the Highlands Ability Battery provides objective evidence to help you narrow down your choice and make sure you play to your strengths.The Highlands Ability Battery is an in-depth programme of 19 work samples so you can learn what you can actually do rather than what you think you can do.

Personality Career Assessments

Personality profiling helps you to understand your personality preferences and how to improve relationships with people. Knowledge of how you think and solve problems can help you in career decision making, including identifying the type of working environment that will bring out your best.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ®) helps to understand personal style and you can choose between the regular (Step 1) and the Step 2 which provides an in-depth understanding of your personality.

If you are considering the MBTI Step 1, you may be interested in the alternative – Type Dynamic Indicator.

To understand personality via assessments used in recruitment choose the 15FQ.

Career Assessments – Interest Inventories

Career AssessmentsInterest Inventories help you to understand more about your interests and how to use this to make a career choice. Based on an extensive questionnaire you can see how these interests link to different careers. For career suggestions choose the Strong Interest Inventory

Personal Development: The Firo-B

Learn more about relationships via  the Firo-B

Personal Development: The Thomas Kilman

Learn more about how you deal with conflict with the Thomas Kilman (TKI)

Ability Testing / Practice Testing Session

If you know you will be taking assessments as part of an assessment centre you can choose a practice testing session.

Use the links to find out more and let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to schedule an enquiry call.

Clients say 

Feedback from Clients who have taken the Highlands Ability Battery, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and other assessments. You can access it from here


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