Interview Coaching can help you get the job you want.

You probably don’t go for many interviews; you need expert guidance to help you perform at your best.

Don’t let nerves get in the way. Get some expert interview coaching to enable you to perform at your best.

For success at interview you need an effective interview technique and relevant, targeted preparation. Interview coaching with an experienced interviewer will increase your chance of success.

My interview coaching covers

  • The importance of research – to demonstrate you understand the organisations’ situation, to be ready for the difficult interview questions and to allow you to ask relevant questions;
  • Developing the right mind set to make sure you feel motivated and have the inner belief to get the job;
  • Identifying key detail from the job ad and other material;
  • Everything you need to answer competency based questions. Be coached in a structure for how to answer, and I will work with you to identify examples to discuss;
  • What to do when you have been sacked, or you are a job hopper;
  • How to follow up.

Denise is a sought-after consultant used by a wide range of organisations as an interviewer and assessor. Previously responsible for training ALL assessors within the Post Office businesses.  Read about Denise’s relevant experience.

‘Interview coaching with Denise was instrumental in me passing the selection panel’ David W. Read more Client feedback


You probably don’t go for many interviews; you want the job – my interview coaching will help.

One to One interview coaching service

There are 3 stages to the interview coaching service:

1: Pre-coaching

We discuss your forthcoming interview or objectives for the session. You provide details of the job to enable me to effectively prepare. You get immediate access to the Get Interview Ready online course to help preparation. I’ll then personalise your interview coaching session.

2: Interview coaching session (60 minutes)

This highly focused session builds on the online pre-work. The whole session is recorded. You will answer questions, I’ll give you clear feedback from an interviewer’s perspective and then will move into interview coaching mode and we’ll discuss how to improve with clear suggestions for how to refocus your examples. You’ll gain confidence and have a plan to improve.

You receive an audio recording of the interviews and relevant key notes as reminders.

3: Just-in-time session

On the morning of the interview we have a short session to address any last-minute nerves and to get you in a peak state.

Next Step

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It’s not just interviews, I can also help with assessment centre preparation.  I was Head of Assessor Training for Royal Mail, have designed over 100 Assessment Centre, and wrote the book ‘Now You’ve Been Shortlisted’.

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