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In times of recession it’s even more important to be effective in your job search. Part of this is being clear on what you want to do and being focussed in your efforts. Whether you want career coaching to help with choosing a new career path, dealing with challenging work problems or support to be successful in job search, Denise has the expertise to help.

Amazing People is a friendly, creative, career coaching company where you can take a structured approach to career discovery and job search. Look around the site; sign up for one of my free eProgrammes then get in touch for your no obligation discussion.

Denise is one of the most sought after career coaches in the UK and is regularly featured in the media, both print and on radio. As a Career Psychologist, she’s probably one of the most qualifed careers coach too!

Career Coaching

Unhappy in your job and not sure what to do? Choose  Career Coaching

Think about when you last chose a holiday, car or bought a new computer. You probably spent a lot of time and effort gathering information, talking to experts and friends, considering options and making sure you made the right choice.Too often people make a career choice through looking at ads online without considering whether this is the job that matches their abilities, will use their skills, fits well with their values and make them want to get up in a morning with a smile rather than a groan.
If you want to get it right, work with a specialist career coach.  You can choose one to one career coaching sessions or opt for a programme, looking at your abilities, personality, interests, values, skills and broader goals. The service I provide combines career coaching, vocational guidance, careers counselling and specific advice when appropriate.
Denise works with students, graduates, career changers, potential entrepreneurs, those approaching retirement and more.


Want objective guidance to increase self understanding? Choose Assessments.

As a Chartered Psychologist I use highly reputable advanced career assessments that are light years ahead of what you can get for free on the net. Take the Highlands Ability Battery – a programme of 19 work samples so you can learn what you can actually do rather than what you think you can do. You can also take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 2 for an in-depth understanding of your personality plus many other assessments including the Strong Interest Inventory, Firo-B and many more.

Tell me more about assessments.

Job Search

Finding it hard to get shortlisted and need help with job search?

You already know what you want to do, but you aren’t having success in your job search. I can help. Not only have I personal experience on how to perform well at interview, ( I progressed through numerous interviews and assessment centres to gain all my jobs and reach Assistant Director with the Post Office) I’m also regularly used as an external expert by companies, helping them with recruitment, predominately with graduates, professionals and senior managers. I am used to reading through hundreds of CVs so can help you make an impact, learn how to shine at interview, perform well at an assessment centre and how to be proactive rather than to follow traditional job search methods.

Tell me more about job search.



Not sure what you want? I offer a 15 minute complimentary discussion. To make the best use of this time please email some details on your situation or use the contact form. We’ll then schedule a time to talk – phone or Skype.

Interested? Please get in touch to discuss how I can help.
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