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I wish I’d had your book, when I was doing my own job search, a few years back. I had to learn a lot of the lessons in your book, the hard way. I was a successful senior executive with years of great experience. I was also previously really lucky in job hunting. Any job I applied for, I always got at least an interview. That set my expectations for what would happen again. But boy, did that change for me and was I in for a real shock! I applied for dozens and dozens of jobs, most of which I heard nothing. When I called the recruitment agencies to chase my applications and get feedback, I rarely got what I sought and agencies almost never called me back.


Your book shortcuts having to learn through painful experience and research. If readers are prepared to follow your formulae, I believe results will follow. Your observations on the psychology of over 50’s job search are spot on. You do really begin to think you are being discriminated against. And that becomes an excuse the poor results and experiences. This in turn leads to low morale and in my case a pretty deep depressive experience. With your book, you understand what I learned from experience, the game really has changed. The technology, social media, too many over & under qualified candidates, makes job hunting really hard. You need a plan and your book gives the reader the best chance at creating a personalised plan that will succeed.


Apart from the above, a real easy read. Good layout, referencing etc. Really loved the book. It’s a great resource!!


David Steele

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Changing Jobs at 50+

50+ Job Search – change your Mindset


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