My latest book – Find Work at 50+Find work at 50+

Whilst written for the 50+ audience, the book is relevant to people of all ages. It brings all my knowledge of job search right up-to-date and my publisher has laid things out beautifully.

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Find Work at 50+ Table of Contents

You will allso be kept up to date with

  • List of activities
  • About the author
  • Foreword by John Lees

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • The changing world of work
  • Being clear on what you want
  • 21st century job search
  • Addressing stereotypes
  • Make our age an asset

Chapter 2 Mind-set

  • Dealing with disappointments
  • How are you feeling about your job search?
  • Positive action
  • Our beliefs can affect our outcomes
  • Turning things around

Chapter 3 What am I going to do?

  • Being clear on your job-search goal
  • Why do I want a new job?
  • What could I do?
  • What would I like to do?
  • In what industry would I like to work?
  • What are the growth areas? Labour market information
  • Retraining
  • Are you a credible applicant?

Chapter 4 Why should I get the job?

  • Being clear on what I want
  • Personality – I understand who I am
  • I know what makes me uniquely valuable to potential employers
  • Your value proposition

Chapter 5 Processes and systems

  • Managing your time
  • Systems and admin
  • Your job-search plan
  • Who will hold you accountable?
  • Finding your next job

Chapter 6 I’m 65+

  • When we feel our age
  • Phased retirement
  • Time for an adventure
  • Cross-generational friendships
  • Revisit other chapters

Chapter 7 Connecting with others

  • Who we know
  • The 10-second story
  • Building your tribe (connections)
  • When connecting can be helpful
  • Practical guidance

Chapter 8 21st-century CVs

  • The 9-second review
  • Let’s review your CV
  • Different styles of CV
  • The chronological CV
  • The combination (skills-based) CV
  • Applying online/Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software
  • Finding the right key words
  • The final review

Chapter 9 LinkedIn and social media

  • The importance of social media
  • Getting started
  • Getting ready to connect
  • Recommendations and endorsements
  • Research and networking on LinkedIn
  • Make LinkedIn part of a weekly routine
  • What about other social media?

Chapter 10 Promoting yourself and being found

  • Being found
  • A consistent message
  • More than one CV
  • Talks and Presentations
  • Growing your online presence

Chapter 11 Taking a direct approach

  • Introducing the direct approach
  • How it works
  • Create your letters
  • Follow up with a phone call
  • An alternative approach – knock on doors

Chapter 12 Traditional job search

  • Finding job vacancies
  • The process
  • Cover letters and e-notes
  • Application forms
  • Submit applications and follow up

Chapter 13 Alternatives to a permanent full-time job

  • What can you offer?
  • Interim management/Contracting
  • Project working/Act like a consultant
  • Fees
  • Portfolio working
  • Freelance working
  • When you need a survival job

Chapter 14 Interviews at 50+

  • Typical interview questions
  • Questions aimed at 50+ candidates
  • Interview practice
  • Mental preparation
  • Preparing a 90-day plan
  • The day of the interview
  • Post-interview evaluation
  • If you don’t get the job

Chapter 15 Staying motivated

  • Dealing with rejection
  • Confidence and self-talk
  • What might help
  • Measure your progress

Chapter 16 Staying employable

  • Take ownership for your development
  • Learning styles
  • Where to learn
  • To develop new skills to move into a new area you could …

Appendix 1

Some employers who welcome older applicants

Appendix 2

Useful links