I’m watching The Peripheral on Amazon Prime and one comment resonated – “If you knew you wouldn’t exist in 10 years would you change anything”. And then last night went to the cinema to see ‘Living’ with Bill Nighy a civil servant who finds out he has a terminal illness and makes significant changes.  He says it is time to live a little.


Whilst there are things we can do to maintain our health, we never know what could happen. The difficult conversation with a medical professional, the random event that changes things for ever – and not just for us, also for the people around us.


It got me thinking.

 What would I change if I had just 10 more years?

  • I’d carry on writing, and there would be more urgency, there’s a lot I want to say.
  • I’d spend more time in nature – it keeps me calm, I feel connected and I’ll be dust one day.
  • I’d make more time for family and the people I love.
  • I’d significantly reduce keeping up with current affairs

And much less money spent on stuff that my descendants would need to dispose of. As I pack to move home I see the money wasted on things bought and never used. Just looking in my jumper drawer (all nicely rolled Marie Kondo style) and I don’t wear half of them. I was going to vacuum pack them for later but why store when I can give to a charity shop.


It would be much more about being and less about doing.

I would want to know more about myself, to be ready to tell my story, to share lessons learned. I’d want to be remembered, and to have a legacy. Not just from my writing but also from the people whose lives I have touched.


Have you truly grasped life?

So how will you live going forward  – a little? Or a lot?

What one thing can you decide to do today?

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  1. Anthony Baldwin November 16, 2022 at 1:06 pm

    Denise, giving up my well paid job to go traveling didn’t really come to fruition, as care for elder family members have now taken up the ‘free’ time. It has allowed me to re-evaluate all my worthily possessions to a point I donated/sold/disposed of 90% of what I owned, letting me feel lighter in my self. I am now able to be available to the people I love most, not have to comply to a ‘boss’ or fit into a company regime. I would say there are just as many challenges, barriers and worries about humanity, but I can deal with these on my own terms.

  2. Dr Denise Taylor November 16, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    I’m sorry to read that things didn’t got to plan .. that’s life, isn’t it. But less stuff is helpful. I’m taking all my current BluRay discs but will I play them … I’ll give them a year and then they can go. Really good to read you can have the time for the people that you love the most – its the people that are important. Take care x

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