Assessment Centres

Denise is part of a network of 40 assessors all highly trained and experienced who regularly undertake assignments in the public and private sector. This enables us to provide one assessor or work as a large team, project managing a large scale assessment centre such as undertaken within Royal Mail and BT. We can provide test administrators, assessors and board chairs.

Being independent of the client organisation we are able to give an unbiased assessment, which is perceived as fair by candidates.

Our business psychologists understand the business context in which the decision is being made and are able to interpret the assessment results for the specific situation.

We can help with

• Recruitment
• Competency design and development
• Devising short listing criteria
• Telephone interviewing
• Compilation of shortlist
• Analyse data and generating a list of candidates’ major strengths and weaknesses
• Developing questions to explore these characteristics at interview
• Assessment and Development Centre Design
• Training of assessors to ensure consistency between assessors
• Assessing candidates, including Chairing of Selection Boards
• Production of board reports
• Provision of feedback to all attendees

Assessment Centres

We can design and develop assessment centres including developing exercises and choosing psychometrics to aid rigour to your recruitment process. We have access to all reputable assessments and choose the most appropriate one based on a thorough understanding of the job requirements. After analysing the job requirements, we gain a full understanding of business strategies and work with experts to ensure realistic assessment centre exercises. We use whatever assessment methods are appropriate to assess competence and potential in the specific situation. These include:

• Psychometric testing
• In-tray and case studies
• Presentations
• Business simulation exercise
• In-depth structured interviewing
• Group activities

Competency Based Interviews

A Competency Based Interview facilitates the achievement of consensus between different interviewers and ensures that important questions are not overlooked. We design structured interviews based on psychological knowledge about the interview process and can train your team to conduct and analyse these interviews.

Recruitment and Selection – Expert Advice

Would you like me to be an expert advisor? Denise has worked as an assessor and interviewer for 20+ years and is an expert in the design and delivery of assessment centres. Denise can review your current processes and offer suggestions for improvement, providing expert guidance and mentoring to your in house team.