This is an introduction to taking control of your career. Find out where most people go wrong and go through the 10 key steps that will allow you to get a comprehensive and holistic understanding to help you make a career decision.

The 10 steps ask powerful questions to get you to focus on:

  1. Why you want to change careers?
  2. A clear vision of your future work environment
  3. What you love to do
  4. Your personal style and how to describe it
  5. Your skills
  6. Your values and how they drive your career choices
  7. Your abilities
  8. Your life goals
  9. Getting real
  10. Making decisions
  • Hi Denise – I really enjoyed this eBook and am looking forward to spending time reflecting more on what it brought forth – may I say how inspiring I find you and I’m so happy to receive this newsletter – it helps me feel connected in a very positive way to a valuable resource. Veronica
  • The 10 steps eProgramme is a real eye opener. It helped me think logically about what I like in a job and what I want from a job. I have recommended it to at least two people” Louise Jennings
  • Thanks for the 10-step eBook. It’s provided lots of food for thought, but I’ve still got lots of the thinking to do! Will be in touch with you when I’ve given more consideration to each of the steps. Many thanksCarole
  • Initially I worked on step one of ‘Finding a job you love’ then love took over and the programme was parked for a while! I then resurrected it and only got to step 7 when it was obvious what I was supposed to do, my light bulb moment came. The very next day I was in London for three interviews to study Interior Design. The following day I signed up and then started the course three days later!!! I am enjoying it so much and have finally found my path in which I began looking for 8 years ago! Jackie
  • “I had been thinking very laterally about direction but writing down those things that have always interested and excited me and then realising how well they stack up against the work I’ve done this far, proved to me that a radical change was not necessary. To then take the time to identify the skills I feel I can offer, to balance those things that I’d been struggling with (by identifying what matters to me the most in life) and finally to set out my abilities, meant that I’d just about identified my next move before I’d even got to step eight!” Thanks very much for this, I know now what I want to do, and am on my way to getting there”. Ben Vaughan
  • I was very impressed with the ’10 Steps to a Job you Love’ eBook, although I admit I have not done the exercises properly yet just thought about the answers. The main things that resonated with me were the steps re finding a job which is in accordance with your own values (which I have never read in a job search course before) and using your own special skills and natural abilities. From that you can guess my current job is not a ‘good fit’ regarding these things. Debs