Note: Many (especially other career coaches) are not keen to include their feedback on a public site.

Mark – Business owner
“Thank you for listening, sharing in a very generous, giving manner, and making me feel proud of my past. Your structured approach to taking the next steps are easy to follow and I’m making good progress and feeling much more positive about the future. Your guidance and suggestions “outpaced” two other organisations, making me feel comfortable when other so called experts did not have the depth of experience you demonstrated!”
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“Imagine having someone objective to bounce ideas around with, someone with personal expertise, and high levels of idea productivity. Someone on your side who wants you to succeed – Denise can provide this for you.”  Adam

I am good at my work but didn’t really understand about systems. Clients seemed to be taking control and I was always waiting to be paid. I was also not working effectively and needed help with time management. The calls with Denise were very motivating and I was prompted to take immediate action.  I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer, and will continue with regular sessions – what she does is brilliant.’ Rob, Web Designer, Ireland

“I would like to thank you for all your help and support with helping me decide on what career path to take. I was quite confused on where to go with my career when I first met you but after our conversations and completing some questionnaires/reports, including the Strong Interest Inventory I was able to make some good decisions. Your commitment and passion for your work shines through and it is very inspirational to see what can be achieved if you choose the right career for yourself and you are an excellent example for this.”  Jessica, Small Business Owner, Gloucester