Feedback from Students and Graduates, and their parents.

Kate2 – Graduate temp to trainer
“Before signing up with Amazing People I had just left University with no real tangible ideas about what career I wanted or what career would suit me best. This had left me feeling incredibly low and frustrated, especially since most of my friends were already paving their career paths. Although I had initial apprehensions about the programme, I can sincerely say it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Your comprehensive career counselling has not only made finding a new job fun, but has also opened my eyes to looking at new career paths I previously wouldn’t have considered. Through completing the Myers Briggs and Highlands Ability Tests during your course I have learnt a lot more about myself. I now have a greater understanding of my personality, thus I know what I would be good at rather than what I think I would be good at.

I think what has impressed me most about your course is the fact that you have been so incredibly supportive. You have also offered me new techniques and brilliant advice whenever I have needed it. The time and energy that you have given me over the last year is something I really appreciate. You have given me the confidence to really go out and grab my career with both hands and for the first time I am really excited about it.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Naomi – Graduate to retail management trainee
“Still unsure of the route to pursue a year after graduation, I considered previous careers guidance limited and confusing. Denise was a breath of fresh air. She offers a very personal and unique programme, which is far more than standard careers advice. She proved to be a sympathetic listener who gave sound practical guidance. The scheme enable me to explore personal strengths, to gain a clear understanding of the way in which I interact with others and to discover the most appropriate working environment for me. Having completed the programme I now feel far more confident and well equipped to handle the process of applying for jobs in my chosen field, aware that Denise is on hand to offer support.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Vanessa – completed Silver Plus Programme

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and you’ve been such a brilliant help in helping me to find where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Sometimes you can’t separate the wood from the trees when you’re trying to understand yourself and you need someone to help you find the right way and I want to thank you for this.  Vanessa, Graduate

Rhiannon – Temp to Drug Safety Officer
“Throughout my time in your graduate scheme I have learned more about myself with each passing week, and with each meeting my confidence in my own worth has grown. The personality tests you assigned me made me realise that elements of my character that I thought were flaws are, in fact, highly desirable qualities in the right place of work … I cannot thanks you enough for introducing me to the methods by which I have come to be here. Not only were our sessions educational and useful, they were also tremendous fun.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Venetia – Seeking career clarity
“I found the process of doing the psychometric tests to be very enjoyable and believed that on the whole the results were very accurate. They definitely helped me to understand myself including my abilities and natural work preferences in more depth. In a way they helped me to accept myself as I am and judge myself less … I know that the information which I have gleaned from the test results and from my sessions with you will continue to be a valuable resource to me in my career search.”  Click here to read the feedback letter

Rebecca – feedback from a student
From the very first session with Denise I felt so relaxed in her company. I felt really comfortable to open up and be honest about myself, and I loved how every session I felt like I was going to see a friend rather than a coach. I really enjoyed your chatty, informal approach and also how patient you were when I was running at least 15 minutes late for each session. And the fact that you understood what I was like, you just took it for who I was.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Ellen – feedback from a graduate career client
Informal, friendly advice. I felt I could be myself and give honest answers to your questions, knowing that it was confidential. I also liked that you were positive about everything and that you didn’t laugh at my ideas or aspirations.  Click here to read the feedback letter

Ben – feedback from a young professional – Destination Law
There is no doubt that choosing a lasting career isn’t easy. There are those who would argue that they had always known what they would do from the youngest age, or for as long as they were seriously considering a career at any rate. And for a while I was one of them. Law; it seemed straightforward enough. In particular, I desired to become a criminal defence solicitor, perhaps even a barrister, inspired by all those great bastions of legal folklore. You hear about them on the news and see them represented in drama by great actors such as John Thaw. But the system changed in the eight years between my GCSEs and my graduation from law school – or at least to a young and still naïve mind such as mine, the job with which I had fallen in love during my time working with a family friend within the profession.  Click here to read the feedback letter

I thought you might like to know that I have recently gained a job with XXX within their audit department in London.  It was a tough day of interviews, assessments, group exercises and presentations but I obviously impressed them enough to offer me a position starting in January.  I’d just like to thank you for the work that you have done with me.  The sessions gave me the focus I required in order to research and perform well through the interview stages, and the CV review (although not applicable to this job) was incredibly valuable as it looks a million times better than it did previously.  I also now have a basis with which to continue to update my CV as I gain more experience within my future roles.  Isaac P

“You are an excellent advisor and facilitator and I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, relatives or colleagues. It was great to work with you, Denise. I really appreciated your supportive, non judgmental, ‘can do’ attitude to addressing what had initially felt like a real tangle of issues.”
Victoria Walters, Final Year Student, Bristol  

After months spent trawling through career websites and fruitless research, I finally took action and invested in Denise’s Silver Plus Programme. Denise systematically focussed my abilities and interests through a number of psychometric tests, the results of which were explained thoroughly to me. I now know where my abilities lie and in which direction I should be heading in. As a graduate it is sometimes very difficult to know what kinds of jobs are available and it is all too easy to take the wrong path. After working with Denise my confidence has soared and now I can really focus on my applications with the knowledge that this career path is the right one for me. Thank you for all your help Denise.   Vanessa Murray, Graduate.

It is a journey of discovery; you make many fascinating realisations about yourself along the way. The knowledge you acquire will benefit you for the rest of your life. As for me I have found the programme invaluable in making decisions about my future degree course at university.”  Rebecca Crowther

“It was difficult for myself as a parent to be able to confidently advise and guide my daughter in her post A level education. She was a good all rounder and had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do. It was such a relief to discover Denise who is such a knowledgeable and caring career expert. I am now confident that Rebecca is moving in the right direction.”  Carol Crowther (Mother to Rebecca).

“Still unsure of the route to pursue, a year after graduation, I considered previous careers guidance limited and confusing. Denise was a breath of fresh air. She offers a very personal and unique programme, which is far more than standard careers advice. It enabled me to explore personal strengths, to gain a clear understanding of the way in which I interact with others and to discover the most appropriate working environment for me.”  Naomi Durston

“This programme has given my daughter a much clearer insight into the way in which she works and a deeper understanding of the working environment to which she is best suited.”  David Durston (Father to Naomi).

“I am so glad we found Denise Taylor online! We were looking for someone to help our teenage son to find his way forward. We were aware of the Highlands Ability Battery because our daughter used them previously. We were very impressed with Denise’s personal and professional manner of working with our son. I only wish we had known about Denise before, I am sure our daughter would have received much more from the process had she used Denise.” ~ Dave

“If I had only known this when I was doing my GCSEs I would have got much better results” N.H.

“If I had known this information before university I would have chosen a different degree subject”  K.L.

“Thanks so much for doing this programme with Natalie; I can understand why she doesn’t seem to listen. She takes in information better when it is written down”  Julie (Mother to 17 year old Natalie).