I'm delighted you have decided to work with me.

I'll be doing most of my communication with you by email – sending you forms to complete, exercises, instructions for assessments.

I prefer this as I can keep track of what you have received and I can send emails outside of normal working hours (early and late).

If anything is unclear or you need to discuss then of course we will speak by phone.

I'm noted for prompt responses – why look at an email twice when you can reply right away so often you will hear back from me within an hour or so.

A lot of my day is spent with clients, and some come for 2 – 4 hour sessions … as soon as they leave I grab a cup of tea and get busy with client emails, but I can often face 50 or more (not all from clients but I need to sort out what is key).

BUT I don't work all the time (my husband may think otherwise) and especially over summer weekends I'm likely to be at a festival.  Alongside the music and mud is a lack of electricity so you may find Friday lunchtime till Monday that I don't respond to emails.  At festivals I switch off email/Internet access on my phone to save my battery.

If your enquiry is urgent, do text my mobile 07931 303367.

Download useful documents


If you coming by car, here are the directions you need. Postcode is GL20 8HL


Train Times

Some guidance on train times, based on trains from London Paddington.  Local station is 'Ashchurch for Tewkesbury'.  Either myself or Simon will collect you from the station, and take you back. Or you can walk, about 30 minutes.




30-minute appointment

1 hour session

50-minute session

90-minute session

2-hour appointment



HAB discussion 90 minutes

MBTI Step 2



1. Personal Information Form

Please complete and return to me with your CV in advance of us working together.

Client Information Form

Client Information Form – Young Adults



Working with Denise – for personal clients

My version of terms and conditions, please read – Working with Denise Doc

A separate version is available for organisational clients

Code of ethics and conduct

My code of ethics –Code of Ethics


If you are coming to my home/office here are the directions you need




The Career Development Cycle

A 2 sided articles on areas to consider when making a career choice.

  • The Career Development Cycle

How Denise became a career coach

Some clients are interested in my background, if you are you can access a more detailed background here.

  • How Denise Became a Career Coach

(to be added)

Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

Family Influences on Career