Talent Q Dimensions

Talent Q provides a portfolio of assessments including Dimensions. This is ‘A unique personality questionnaire which incorporates role-specific match profiling’ and used for selection by companies such as Carlsberg, Virgin Atlantic, BP, Standard Bank and TUI Travel.

This is my career assessment of choice for recruitment but also incredibly helpful for personal development. It can be used for

  • Recruitment – to increase the accuracy of decisions as well as improving the overall speed and efficiency of the recruitment process.
  • Identification of high potential – objectively identifying those individuals with the highest potential in order to improve and manage talent pipelines.
  • Personal development – offers powerful insights about an individual’s core strengths and development needs to support targeted individual development plans and activities.
  • Team building – when creating teams from scratch or developing existing teams to perform more effectively, Dimensions data provides individual and group based data illustrating the relative strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole.
  • Selection, development and coaching of leaders – whether assessing for leadership potential or developing existing leaders to become more effective, Dimensions provides deep insight, including factors which can lead to possible derailment.

There are different reports available and once you complete the assessment you can obtain one or all of them.

Talent Q Dimensions Trait Profile

The  trait profile measures 15 personality traits, plus 3 response style factors, designed to reflect the most commonly occurring competencies used by organisations. I use this to enable me to provide you with effective feedback.

Talent Q Dimensions Narrative Report

This automatically generated narrative report provides comments describing the possible implications of your typical personality and behaviour at work. This is an ideal reference document for you.

Talent Q Dimensions Team Profile

The report also can provide you with your team profile relating to a model of 8 team roles. Whilst not identical, if you are familiar with Belbin’s team roles you can quickly understand your preferred role within a team.

Type At Work Profile

The report can also provide you with your 4 letter type and how you are likely to behave in a work environment.

Sales Profile

The report also applies personality styles to the context of sales. The Dimensions Sales Model breaks down the sales process into 8 key stages and suggests the likely level of comfort in each area. I like this a lot, and it’s not just of use to sales people but also effective to help you understand preferred influencing styles.

Derailment Report

The report can also consider the 8 factors known as ‘Derailers’ which intrinsic personality factors, which may derail an individual in times of pressure. It may be worth reviewing this after we have gone through the report. Very powerful, but you have to be ready for it.

Role Match Profile may also be possible

The report also can take the Dimensions data for an individual and compares it to the requirements of a job which has been pre-defined. This provides an indication of the likely fit of the candidate to the role. this would be used when I work with an organisation rather than working with my career coaching clients.

Please get in touch to discuss how this could be helpful in your personal and career development.