Do you want to be more effective in your job? Develop leadership skills, raise your profile or get promoted?

Top athletes have personal trainers, wealthy people have financial advisors, and successful people have their own executive career coach.  If you are a motivated and ambitious executive or professional choose Denise as your executive career coach.

What can an executive career coach do?

I can be your confidante, your personal sounding board. I know that as a senior manager it can be hard to admit you need help and to know who you can open up to. Often you don’t want to burden your family and it’s hard to be honest about concerns with colleagues and bosses. That’s where an executive career coach will help.

What makes Denise an effective executive career coach?

Denise’s expertise as an executive career coach is called on by senior executives when they need a confidential sounding board and would benefit from career mentoring. From helping you prepare for a new role, to support and challenge all aspects of your business I have the credibility to help.

With a counselling background and adherence to the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics Denise appreciates the need for business sensitivity. As your executive career coach, with no investment with your organisation, Denise is free to address challenging and sensitive issues in a constructive and supportive manner.

Denise has held senior roles, including Assistant Director, Centre for Business Excellence for Royal Mail and alongside actual business experience my psychological and career coaching expertise, and MBA can help you get the success you want.

“Your professional experience and qualifications made a big difference in my search for an executive career coach, but from the sessions I was pleased to learn that you had made a major career change and had real experience of the challenges faced in doing so – I felt that I was working with someone who had not simply changed career to become an “instant” coach, as was the case for many coaches that I researched.” Alan, London

How can you work with an executive career coach?

You may need help in identifying a new challenge, to exceed expectations in a new role. You may be facing challenges and need a fresh perspective.

We can use assessments and coaching to understand your strengths, deal with blind spots and ensure you have an effective strategy for your goals.

What we do will depend on your needs, an executive career coaching programme will be carefully developed to meet your goals.

You may need support and guidance to achieve career goals. For some it will include – how to get the best out of people (influencing, motivating, and dealing with conflict). For others it is about managing time. Others still choose executive career coaching because inside they lack confidence and need sensitive support to find their inner strength to achieve big goals.

Take some time out start with a 2-hour session to work with an executive career coach to objectively review what is going well, discuss your challenges, focus on your goals, create some new ones and celebrate your successes. Denise can then continue to work with you as your executive career coach.


Executive Career Coach Client Examples

  • Fliss had taken over as sales director for the Midlands region and whilst successful to date, wanted to make sure that she would make an immediate impact in this new role. Talking with Denise on a fortnightly basis gave her an external perspective, to keep her focussed on business and personal goals.
  • Barry was noted as a success, but his macho style wasn’t getting the results in his new role. He chose to work with Denise for some honest feedback on how others see him, to develop effective team working, and to ensure that the strategy was accepted by all so the staff worked with him rather than against him.

Let’s get promoted!

You want to get promoted, perhaps within your company, maybe somewhere else.

You need help – someone to help keep you focused, to ensure you have a stretch but attainable goal and to provide practical support and guidance to help you get promoted.

This is something you may want to be subtle about – you don’t want colleagues, or maybe even your boss knowing your plan.

It could be you’ve just moved, and this time don’t want to spend years before you get the next step up.

You want a plan. I can help you get promoted.

Why Me?

I understand how to be ‘political’ within an organisation, how to raise your profile, get known by the right people, focus on the activity that helps your career.

I help you demonstrate or develop leadership and strategic skills, for the top jobs you need to have clear evidence on both.

As a psychologist I can help you to work on your ‘inner talk’, making sure your conversation with yourself is positive but grounded in truth – positive thinking needs some basis in reality.

I understand social media and creating a strong online presence. You need an effective LinkedIn profile, you can also write articles, give talks, and I’ll help you decide what works best for the person you are and keep you focused on your plan.

I’m a good sounding board – so we can discuss and rehearse situations at work to make sure you are taking advantage of all situations.

I understand how to enhance your CV – this could be to do an EMBA but there are plenty of other ways to increase your knowledge including MOOCs and volunteering.

My flexible working style – I’m available for short sessions and this can often be a better way than formal 50-minute sessions.

The Process

Arrange an initial conversation to help me understand your requirements and if I believe there is a good match. We then schedule a first session, usually done via Zoom to make it easy to fit into your busy day. This session focuses on your goal and to identify a quick activity/win, we then create a plan. Everything I do is customised to you and your needs.

Further sessions will be as agreed. It can include regular 50-minute sessions supported by 10-minute calls. I also offer video coaching – send me a question by email and get a video reply. So much more personal than a written email.

Let’s talk and discuss your objectives so we can work out what will be the best way for us to work together, to enable you to make a significant impact for yourself and your business.

Interested? Please get in touch to discuss how I can help.