JOB SEARCH: Get a system

You have GOT to be organised, so find a place to work, create some means of dealing with all the paperwork and make sure you have the time to work on your job search. In this eBook you will have everything you need to create a system and decide how you will create the time to be successful in your job search.

Look at what you get!

  1. Creating a work space
  2. Creating a filing system. This is much more than this, but explaining what you need to keep and why, the need to keep organised and contact details.
  3. Commitment to the task. There’s an exercise to allow you to see how committed you are to work on your tasks each day and suggestions for how to raise your level of commitment.
  4. Plan your time
  5. Get a support system in place. Job search can be stressful and frustrating so plan to have a personal support system to help – both people and activities.
  6. Review of forms

I have all the forms you need to help you be well organised.

  1. Plan of action
  2. List your weekly targets
  3. Daily tasks
  4. Daily activity log
  5. Response to adverts record sheet
  6. Networking record sheet
  7. Personal contacts action
  8. Weekly summary of job search
  9. Response to job ad form
  10. Telephone message form
  11. Job adverts summary
  12. Your use of time
  13. Mail shot follow up
  14. Interview self debrief
  15. Post initial follow up

Please not the CD is no longer available

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