I've been recommending LinkedIn to clients for months, but most don't want to take the plunge, or do it half heartedly. So I've put together a comprehensive workbook to explain firstly why you should be on LinkedIn and also a straightforward guide on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile that will be of real benefit to you in your job search.

The 23rd edition was published on 4th August 2013 and is now 174 pages. Very comprehensive!

** Shortlisted for a National Career Award, 2011 **

LinkedInToo many people have a partly completed profile without even a photo. It gives a very poor impression and no wonder people think LinkedIn isn't worth pursuing. You wouldn't send a half finished CV when you apply for a job, so make sure you get an 'almost completed profile' before you start approaching people. To get 100% complete you need to also have at least 3 recommendations, everything else should be done first.

This is now in version 23 and you get free updates for a year. I see LinkedIn as essential for job search in the 21st century, I stay on top of the changes so you don't have to!

I'm going to guide you through exactly what you need to do to make LinkedIn an effective part of your job search campaign.

“This is an excellent resource on making the most of LinkedIn, and believe me, there is much more to it than you realise! Denise’s guide is practical and easy to follow so you can dip in and tweak parts of your profile as and when you need to. The extra special benefit that really makes this a winner is the regular updates you get so as LinkedIn evolves, you are kept up to speed with using LinkedIn to the full. Great work Denise and many thanks!” Cherry Douglas.

“This resource covers everything you need to know about how to use LinkedIn effectively to find work in a practical, step by step manner. It’s also in plain English too so it’s easy to follow. What Denise doesn’t know about LinkedIn isn’t worth knowing!” Mark Anderson.

“For the first time I’m beginning to see how LinkedIn might work …Thank you, this thought has move my thinking forward, and that’s what we need, isn’t it”

'I've been on LinkedIn for 18 months and never really saw the benefit. Within an hour of reading Denise's clear, comprehensive guide to LinkedIn, I was beginning to use it as a powerful aid to help me get my dream job. Apart from revising my own page to make it more relevant and attractive, I was actively using LinkedIn to seek out those working in my field of interest and to ask and answer questions about my chosen career, and the steps I need to take to get me where I want to go. Denise's guide is simple, easy to understand, and straightforward. It may sound silly, but after reading it and following her suggestions, I felt that I was taking charge of marketing myself and working towards a better future'. Neil B, Oxford

As with all social networking sites, the key to getting the best from LinkedIn is to use it smartly. Denise's practical guide takes you from basic user to savvy networker, combining technical tips with sound advice. Denise takes the view of the outside world and helps you to see things from an external perspective, enabling you to maximise the impact of your profile, activities and networking. A very effective navigation tool for today's career managers. Sarah, London

'Denise has made this guide very accessible and seems to have pinpointed all of the key areas. My LinkedIn profile has certainly been boosted by following her steps.' Charles, Gloucester

Buy the work book for immediate download so you can get started right away. The PDF workbook is £12

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You also get free access to a 1 hour webinar on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Part 1: First Steps

1: Introduction to LinkedIn

1.1 Why you should be on LinkedIn?

1.2 Why you need help

1.3 How to get it wrong

1.4 Who looks at your LinkedIn profile

1.5 How a recruiter uses LinkedIn

Task List

2: Let's get you started

2.1 Set up an account

2.2 Enter some basic details

2.3 Add further details

2.4 List your company

2.5 Add details on company and job title

2.6 Add details on college/university

2.7 Review

3: Adding more detail

3.1 Basic Information

3.2 Professional headline

3.3 Photo

3.4 Summary and Specialities

3.5 Design

3.6 Experience

3.7 Education

3.8 Additional Information

o 3.8.1 Websites

o 3.8.2 Twitter

o 3.8.3 Interests

o 3.8.4 Groups and associations

o 3.8.5 Honors and Awards

o 3.8.6 Personal information

o 3.8.7 Contact settings

3.9 Public profile URL

3.10 Choose your privacy settings

3.11 Save a copy of your profile

3.12 Publicise your LinkedIn profile

4: Getting ready to connect

4.1 Before you get in contact with others

4.2 Get branding

4.3 Check how complete it is

4.4 Keywords

4.5 A final review

4.6 Status update box

o 4.6.1 Need some ideas?

o 4.6.2 Examples

o 4.6.3 If you are currently employed

o 4.6.4 If you are currently unemployed?

o Before and After (1)

o Before and After (2)

o 4.6.5 Is it current?

5: Seeking connections

5.1 – People in your address book

5.2 – Other people you have met

6. Accepting connections

7. People you may know

8. Seeking groups

9. Recommendations

10. Personal connections

11: Staying in touch, keep in touch, ask how you can help

12. Seeking Introductions

13. Choosing applications

LinkedIn Part 2: Job Hunting

14. Different ways to find a job

1. Using the jobs tab via your personal LinkedIn page.

2. Using the jobs tab via groups you belong to

3. Contacting companies direct

4. Via people you know

5. Using a key word search to find job titles

6. And of course you may be found by other

15. Companies

16. Moving on – researching

17. New connections -Use social media to get your job

18. Are you visible?

19. LinkedIn for employees

20. Business benefits of being on LinkedIn

21. Make LinkedIn part of a daily routine

22. Premium upgrade

23. Final Review

23. Using LinkedIn to move into a new career, a case study

24. Develop relationships

25. Advanced – linking LinkedIn with Outlook

26. Conclusion

Buy the work book for immediate download so you can get started right away. The PDF workbook is £12

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