I like the Strong Interest Inventory, and iStart Strong is a very low cost way  to identify careers to explore.

The i Start Strong is based on the work of John Holland. His theory says that people with similar interests are often attracted to the same kind of work, feel comfortable with others who share their interests, and are likely to be successful in a work environment that reflects those interests.

The i Start Strong assessment involves you answering 291 questions that cover careers that may or may not interest you, your views on different subjects, levels of interest in different activities, including leisure activities and questions on the people you would like to work with and personal characteristics.

The i Start Strong Report is interactive, and a really interesting way for you to explore different careers.

This is ideal to help you put some structure to your research.

You can read a sample report using this link,

  • On page 3 of the i Start Strong report  it identified your top two themes. The other four themes are detailed on page 4.
  • Pages 5 and 6 covers the 5 top areas to explore. The real enhancement in the i Start Strong report is that it provides links to areas of study, career fields and activities, much more detail than in the regular report.

The i Start Strong report also provide links to typical careers in these different areas of interest. So for example if Writing and Mass Communication is one of the top five the related occupations to explore are: Copy writer, English teacher, Public relations director, Reporter, Technical writer and Translator.

Altogether there are 30 areas of interest. The other 25 are listed in descending order so you can explore some of these as well. You will find all of these on page 7.

The final page includes links to 3 different websites to explore jobs in even more detail. As this is an American assessment, the link is to American sites, but this can be helpful if you aren’t sure what e.g. a Realtor is.

Once you have reviewed the detail of different jobs, including the training requirements you may be ready to make a career decision. You will also be much more knowledgeable about different career options so you can discuss these with your and move forward much quicker.

The full colour 8 page fully interactive PDF report is £35 and the good news is that you don’t need to schedule a feedback discussion.