CAREER DISCOVERY: Work environment

Be really specific about your requirements in areas such as type of colleagues, physical environment, challenge, work pace, competition and reward.

Imagine going on holiday but not knowing where you are going, or how you will get there? You’d be silly to do this. You would have given it some thought. So why do some people start job hunting with no idea of what is important to them in their career? This e-workbook covers all the elements that make up your ideal working environment. This booklet will provide clarity on what is important for you in the work environment to help you make career decisions.

Too often some aspect of a new job – the car, the money, seduces us! We should take the time to see how much it matches up to the lifestyle we want to lead, or the type of manager and colleagues that sits most easy with us. If you define what you want in advance you can clearly weigh up potential jobs against this and make sure that the next move is going to be personally satisfying for you.

You will be guided to develop the answers to the following questions:

  • What sort of functions have I worked in/ do I want to work in?
  • What type of industry do I want to work for?
  • What type of company would I like to work for?
  • People contact
  • What kind of colleagues would I like to work with?
  • How much contact would I like with people?
  • Career Path
  • Ideal job structure
  • Desired working hours and pace of work
  • Travel
  • Office setting and location
  • Family impact
  • What type of rewards are important to me?
  • What motivates me?
  • Anything else
  • Preferred Organisations and Jobs

“I have just completed it and am glad to say that I have successfully listed the characteristics of my ideal job! Thank you for the e-book it has made me feel a lot more confident and focused on where I am heading in my career.”
Rachel, London

I had been offered a job and was about to take it. Talking through this exercise I could see that I would not be happy. Too confining an environment! Thanks Denise for saving me from another job that I’d have walked out on.
Clive P, Marketing Manager, Birmingham

Please not the CD is no longer available

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