Interviews – This booklet is all about performing well at interview

Last time I hadn’t done enough preparation and, come the interview, I didn’t stand out, following your open learning programme and being able to re read your guidance in the book I did much better this time, thank you”.
Ollie Edwards, Glos.

The mind of the interviewer, revealed! When I think about the jabbering abuse I’ve been inflicting upon poor interviewers for so long, I can’t help but pity them. This book has told me where I’ve been going wrong for years! A great tool and a real confidence-booster.
Rhiannon Howe, Worcs.

This eBook takes you through everything you need to know about interviews, how to prepare, how to present yourself, responding to questions, the questions to ask and the post interview review. By the time you have completed this eBook you will have covered every aspect of preparation and be ready for virtually everything that could trip up someone who is ill prepared.

1: Getting prepared
What is an interview? Get the employers’ perspective, an employer’s viewpoint.

2: Different types of interview
You will learn about the various types of interviews including Psychological, Sequential, Panel, Stress, Unstructured, Screening, Structured and Competency Based. This section also covers the single interview with a HR manager, the single interview with a line manager and second interviews.

3: Interview questions
Open, Probing, Technical, Hypothetical, Multiple, Forced Choice, Leading, Closed and Pretending questions.

4: The other side of the table
What do interviewers look for? What interviewers are taught? Summarising and reflecting back.

5: Interview preparation
General preparation, your response to the question – “tell me about yourself”, Understanding your strengths, and transferable skills; Talk to your referees; Be up to date on the industry you are applying to; Deciding how to respond to questions if you have a medical condition; Getting ready to answer questions; A Mock interview and more.

6: You have been short-listed!
The basics, The research, Prepare yourself, Preparation on the organisation – research the company, Final Check: Use this check list to ensure you are well prepared.

7: Appearance: You never get a second chance to make a first impression
First Impressions, Importance of body language

8: Problem interviewers
The interviewer asks only closed questions; The interviewer monopolises the interview; You are faced with a very inexperienced interviewer; Dirty Tricks

9: On the day
What to take, The Journey to interview, When you arrive, Be in a positive frame of mind, At the interview, Handling the salary question, Over to you … Questions to ask at the end of the interview, A Great close, If things go wrong

10: Afterwards
Post interview evaluation, Contacting the recruitment agency, Second interviews, Some guidelines for a thank you letter, Structure of a thank you letter, Waiting, The letter comes

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