This eBook is all about using personal contacts to support you in job search. You will learn how to identify and expand your network. You will devise a way of keeping a record of your contacts and in keeping them informed; know what to do at a networking event; know how to prepare before your first networking call, learn an easy way to follow up with leads and the importance of keeping in touch with your network after you get a job.


PLUS, you also learn everything you need to create a personal commercial – what you say to others when they ask you who are you.


Look at everything that is included, and it’s not just passive reading, lots of activities are included.


Get Networking

  1. Introduction
  2. What is networking?
  3. Do I have a network?
  4. Why a network is important
  5. Let’s look for ways to increase your network
  6. Keeping Records
  7. Follow up
  8. Developing skills
  9. Be clear what you want and clearly describe it
  10. Making contact
  11. First contact
  12. Making a start – possible concerns
  13. Ways of making contact
  14. Networking Questions
  15. Let’s follow Jo in her job hunt
  16. The phone call
  17. Conducting the meeting
  18. Let’s see how Jo is getting on
  19. Follow up
  20. Back to Jo
  21. Cycle Two
  22. What to do at a networking event
  23. Why do some people find it difficult to network?
  24. Other ways to network (Networking for introverts)
  25. Summary

Plus, the personal commercial If you are going to be seeking help from others in your job search you need to be able to succinctly describe who you are and what you can do. This booklet will guide you to understand why you need to have a personal commercial, teach you to create your own and be ready to start using it with others.