Optional Report – Types Report

You also have the option of purchasing the Types Report – this will outline the typical approach taken at work, based on the results of the Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles questionnaire.

First of all it considers the People elements of your results and compares adaptability and Influence.

People can be divided into 4 different groups:

  • Individualists – who are task rather than people focused
  • Adaptors – who are supportive, resilient and flexible in response to change
  • Influencers – who excel at communicating their message
  • Transformers – who combine interpersonal sensitivity with powerful social networks

The task elements of your results are then considered, comparing Thought with Delivery and again your results show you in one of 4 categories:

  • Preserver – who adopt conventional approaches to their work
  • Thinker – who get straight to the core of a problem to find solutions
  • Doer – who approach their work with dynamism and conscientiousness
  • Transactor – who combine thoughtful analysis with the driven pursuit of goals

You then have the results combined to consider your leadership style, team and peer interaction, managing change and cultural synergies and maximising potential.

You can access a sample copy of the Types Report here.

Optional Report – Entrepreneurial Potential Report

This report is based on the entrecode model of successful entrepreneurs.

It covers 6 areas:

  1. Getting in the zone
  2. Seeing possibilities
  3. Creating superior opportunities
  4. Staying in the zone
  5. Opening up to the world
  6. Building capability

The results can then be discussed to enable you to fully understand your strengths and development areas in your role as entrepreneur.