When companies need a motivated and productive workforce they will choose Denise whose expertise is recognised through election to Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Amazing People can help with

  • Psychometric testing for recruitment and development
  • Talent management
  • Career management including 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring
  • Assessment centre design and training of assessors
  • Review of your assessment centre procedures
  • Interview training for your staff to reduce costly recruitment mistakes
  • Outplacement and job search support for those being made redundant

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Psychometric Testing

To enable you to significantly increase the likelihood of recruiting or promoting the right person, we can provide an independent, objective assessment. We can:

  • Administer appropriate psychometric tests
  • Provide sensitive in-depth feedback to candidates, and more extended sessions for senior appointments
  • Provide a personal profile report
  • Discuss implications and recommendations

Denise is level A and B qualified and able to use a wide range of psychometric tests including the OPQ, 16PF5, MBTI, Firo-B, Firo Elements, Strong Interest Inventory, Thomas Kilmann Conflict mode assessment, Highlands Ability Battery, Talent Q Dimensions and Saville Consulting Wave plus access to literally hundreds of ability tests for use in recruitment.

Recruitment and Selection

Selecting the best people for your organisation takes experience and intuition. It also calls for a systematic and professional approach, based on a deep understanding of how people relate to and learn in their work environment.

When choosing people to join your organisation, your team or for promotion it is extremely important that the best decision is made. The cost of making the wrong section decision is usually 5 to 10 times the salary costs.

Costs to your business include – expensive selection costs, poor staff and poor profits, high staff turnover, loss of skills, high trading costs,

We offer advice on recruitment and selection methods, and carry out individual assessments for section, promotion or development.

Talent Management

It is expensive to recruit staff and expensive when we lose our best staff. We can support you to ensure you get the right people into your organisation and identify internal talent through development centres, coaching and development opportunities. We can support your staff, and your business through career management workshops, individual career coaching and counselling and team development using the highlands ability battery.

Career Management

‘Most people think that they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong’ Peter F Drucker

It’s no longer a job for life, and people need to take more control over managing their own career. We offer career and life planning workshops such as Career Horizons and workshops to enable people to understand their natural talents and abilities using the Highlands Ability battery.

Careers coaching and Careers counselling

Careers coaching and Careers counselling for individuals requiring more in-depth support than is possible in a career and life planning workshop. They provide a supportive framework to enable the employee to gain a more objective view of strengths and limitations.


As Chartered Psychologists, our coaching is underpinned by current psychological theory and practice. We use relevant psychometric assessments to provide a robust understanding of the person and to increase self-awareness and insight.

Redundancy Support

When you need to let staff go it can be stressful, for you, your staff, and not only the ones that are to leave. Utilising external support can help in the early stages in developing a strategy and planning how best to communicate. You will be seen as an ethical and responsible employer who increases their employability and helps them to grow in confidence.

Team and People

‘Development – there are many ways to develop your team, we offer something a little different!’

The Highlands Team Building Workshop is a high powered intensive session built on the Highlands Ability Battery and the Highlands Personal Vision Factors. The full day workshop focuses on problem solving, mutual appreciation, leadership, communication style, risk taking, decision making, and trust, diversity and conflict management.

Organisational Development

‘Denise is down to earth, practical, a good listener and a great source of ideas’.

Sometimes it can help to bring in an external perspective to help with internal situations. Maybe you have recognised a need for change, or spotted some problems but aren’t sure of the right intervention.

We are delighted to have worked with many different organisations, please ask if you would like to see our client list.

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