I can help you have a more effective workforce.  My services include

Executive Career Coaching: Often with a focus on work/life balance and performance. I help your executives understand their strengths and build an effective development plan. Recent projects include

  • Helping a technical specialist develop interpersonal effectiveness
  • Supporting high flying women own their self-confidence
  • Work on life/work balance with an international consultant
  • Team development and leadership with a newly promoted director

Senior Leaders: A strategic sounding board, building effective high level teams and ensuring that there is a consistency of message throughout the organisation.

  • Facilitated sessions with directors on the results of their 360o degree feedback.  Included helping to construct a development plan.
  • Mentor to executives who prefer an outside perspective to their situation.

Career Conversations: To help with talent retention and to help people be more effective at work. A yearly review with an objective outsider can help individuals to focus on the overlap of personal and business goals. For some it is to work out their career direction within their organisation.

  • Career counselling with middle and senior managers.  To both “problem” employees, encouraged to see me by their manager and to individuals who felt stuck in their career.

Moving on: When it is time for an employee to leave, to support them in their transition. A redundancy package can be created to meet their needs and your budget.

A focus on organisational effectiveness: consideration of the wider organisation can ensure that there is a shared personal branding message through the effective use of social media.

Team Development: I can help teams work more effectively often using assessments. Recent projects include

  • Help with the board of a SME develop a clearer understanding of each other’s strengths and work together
  • Help a ‘dysfunctional’ team to make progress by focusing on strengths and getting more enjoyment into their career

We invited Denise from Amazing People to create a bespoke morning workshop for our work department, based on the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB).

I had  personally undertaken the HAB, and the results were eye opening for me. As part of a project to upskill our people and build the team, we had 14 colleagues individually take the battery and gain personalized feedback. Denise then came into the office and delivered a group workshop. We asked her to create a program to help us understand each other’s abilities, lift people’s confidence and to dig deeper into each other’s communication style.

The team really enjoyed the half day – there was lots of debate and chatter, quite a few ‘light bulb’ moments and some interesting revelations’ about secret talents. Denise structured the workshop so that there was a good balance of listening, talking, reading and doing. This meant that nobody became restless, we were all fully engaged throughout.

The whole process created a lot of interest and discussion from beginning to end. Since then, two people from the team have used their learning memory results to their benefit and have passed professional examinations.

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