Practice Testing with Coaching to build confidence over psychometric tests

Are you concerned over forthcoming verbal and numerical reasoning tests as part of a forthcoming assessment centre?

I can help you improve your confidence with verbal and numerical reasoning tests. By participating in a practice testing session, you will increase your confidence through expert feedback and practical suggestions on how to improve.

Many people feel nervous about taking assessments, especially when verbal and numerical reasoning tests are part of job selection. A practice testing session can help you feel more confident.

“Prior to seeking your help, I was struggling with psychometric tests, but your logical approach and techniques enhanced my confidence which was lacking before I sought your help.

You have an excellent approach which made me feel relaxed and at the same time provided me with excellent advice. You have a wonderful telephone manner and communicate extremely concisely which has helped me with the interpretation aspects of the tests.

I really felt you empathised with my problems, but you managed to teach me new techniques which I know will change my future approach. I now believe I have the confidence and expertise to tackle these tests for which I thank you so much. You are a star!” Alan (University Student, Business Management)

How does a practice testing session work?

First get in touch to discuss your forthcoming assessment event, and which type of tests you want to practice. These include numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and specific tests such as the Watson Glaser and Ravens.

You complete the test, e.g. verbal and numerical reasoning tests and I score your answers and provide the same feedback as I would if working on an assessment centre. I also talk through how I provide feedback to the assessment centre panel.

We then review your answers and seek to identify patterns – where you very slow and accurate, fast and inaccurate. Is there some specific aspect you struggle with.

I won’t tell you the answers (that’s unethical and online assessments now provide questions in random order and drawing on a large database). But we can discuss how you answer particular questions and I’ve got specific guidance to help you improve your technique.

You will then be feeling much more confident for any forthcoming verbal and numerical reasoning tests you may have to complete.

Contact Denise (email is best as Denise is with clients during the day) to discuss your situation and a personalised approach will be suggested to meet your needs. For example if you are going to be taking verbal and numerical reasoning tests as part of an assessment centre, you can practice similar tests. We can then discuss your technique and coach you to improve so you perform at your best.