This breaks your results down into 4 major clusters – Thought, Influence, Adaptability and Delivery.

Thought comprises

  • Vision – Inventive, Abstract, Strategic
  • Judgement – Insightful, Practically Minded, Learning Orientated
  • Evaluation – Analytical, Factual, Rational

Influence comprises

  • Leadership – Purposeful, Directing, Empowering
  • Impact – Convincing, Challenging, Articulate
  • Communication – Self promoting, Interactive, Engaging

Adaptability comprises

  • Support – Involving, Attentive, Accepting
  • Resilience – Resolving, Self-assured, Composed
  • Flexibility – Receptive, Positive, Change Orientated

Delivery comprises

  • Structure – Organised, Principled, Activity Orientated
  • Drive – Dynamic, Striving, Enterprising
  • Implementation – Meticulous, Reliable, Compliant

The results are discussed in a 90 minute feedback discussion to really enable you to understand yourself and to create a development plan for action. When used in recruitment the results from the feedback discussion will be incorporated into the “wash up” discussion following the interview and other exercises.

As an individual when you purchase the Wave assessment you also get a personal full colour copy of the Professional Styles report.