I’m being made redundant, how can you help me?


There are 3 areas to consider – What do you want to do, Getting ready for job search and Ongoing support.

What do you want to do?

You could choose a programme or we can discuss how to produce a programme specific to you, to include both clarity on what you want to do and support with job search. Have a look at the career coaching page to see how I can help.

Getting ready for job search

  • Review your CV – does it need a slight tweak or more substantial work. We can share this between us so I review, make some changes myself and a list of tasks for you to do. I then review some more.
  • Check you are interview ready – you may want to book a session to get you in a peak state!
  • Discussion of different job search strategies – helping you to put in the best application possible, creating a striking cover letter, using LinkedIn, direct contact to companies.

I’m generous with support and as appropriate will provide hand-outs and comp. copies of relevant eBooks.

Read about my job search support.

Ongoing support

  • Sometimes we need to get a regular injection of motivation and you could opt for a 25 minute session each week

Losing your job can be traumatic, but for many it is a chance for a new start, to move on from a job that didn’t really appeal and to look for something new.


I recommend my book – How to Get a Job in a Recession as the ‘course reader’.

MARCH 2016 will see the publication of Find Work at 50+, but the advice is relevant for people of all ages.


If you would like to discuss how I can help you please do get in touch.