Rethinking Retirement, my forthcoming book, is out in 12 days, you may have seen the video of me opening the box of the the paperback versions, I’ve now got the hardback copy as well but you’re not going to want to buy that at over £100.

It’s coming out, a week on Wednesday – 8 November, so it’s countdown!

People have been telling me that I should be doing an Amazon launch, which is to get everybody to buy the book on the same day. And then for an hour, it’s an Amazon bestseller. But this doesn’t really tie in with my values doing that.

I have read elsewhere that it’s better if people just buy in the week leading up to the book launch. I honestly don’t know.

So, if you bought the book already, thank you. If you’re waiting for me to tell you when … thank you so much. I think let’s give it to just under the week and then I would encourage you to buy.

Sign up gifts

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve given you as gifts for signing up. One of the things that you’re going to get is a webinar all about legacy. It’s based on a talk that I gave in the city to a financial services organisation. I think it’s really important when we think about ageing that we think about the non-financial aspects of legacy. I think you’ll find it very thought provoking. So that’s something that I’m only given to people who either pre order or order in the first few days after launch.

I’m also going to give you a journal so you can use it over 30 days to log your thinking in different areas because you might like that one

Giving you access to some other things. I’ve got a couple of quizzes that I thought you might like. And I will also give you all the exercises that are in the book that you might not want to fill in. I think that’s a realistic number of things to do.

I read elsewhere about how people will say, you know, all these things are worth £300, £1000. Again, it’s all just hype, which doesn’t sit well with me. It’s really important to me that I’m authentic.

I moved about four weeks ago and back to working in my living room and it’s all nice and tidy, because it has to be if I’m going to be on Zoom!

I’m doing some marketing along with the publishing company.

They are making contact with a lot of major publications and we’ll see what comes out of that.

I’m going to be contacting different organisations and different people to see about what they can do to support me in my launch (and I cvan offer things to them).

Things that I would love you to do is to share anything that I send to other people, to encourage other people to buy.

Hopefully you are going to buy the book and when you do buy it, if you send me details of your receipt, you will get on the list to get all the all the additional stuff that I have mentioned.

Amazon Reviews

Once you’ve got the book it will be so good if you could leave an Amazon review. I don’t want you to only buy from Amazon. There are lots of lovely independent bookstores that you can order from but people look on Amazon for reviews, so if you write an Amazon review, I would be very, very happy 😊

Online launch

I’ve had a really nice conversation with Sarah Taylor Phillips, who is going to be with me with my online launch event. The book comes out Wednesday 8 November. We are going to do a short 30 minutes online launch party to celebrate.

Eight days later, I’ve got my launch party happening in Cheltenham. If you happen to be in the area of like to just let me know.

Being real

I haven’t been in touch with you as much as I’d intended. When I put something on LinkedIn today that said 12 days to the book launch, while I was editing the image, it said 73 days, that’s when I started doing the countdown.

I can think of all this stuff I should have done, that I haven’t done, and that’s just life. I think that’s one of the things I’m gaining with age, you can make all these plans and stuff doesn’t happen but it is all going to be fine.

Thank you for listening. The video is for the immediacy of knowing that I’m here talking to you.

I’ll be in touch again soon. Take care. Bye bye

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