The most common way to apply for a job is by responding to job advertisements. This e-Book explains everything you need to do to increase your chance of getting short-listed.

Working through this eBook will enable you to understand the benefits of a structured approach to reviewing job ads; understand how to complete an application form; understand how to respond to competency-based application forms and be able to produce a covering letter for a specific job vacancy.

Contents page

Step 1: Find the job ads – offline and online
Step 2: Decoding the job ads – plenty of guidance so you understand what to do.
Step 3: Completing Application forms including the additional information section (also known as personal statement) and competency-based application forms
Step 4: Covering letter – guidance and structure

Letter of application with a CV with 2 examples

A worked through example – read what Brian did so you are clear what to do

This eBook also covers:

  • How to send a letter of application without a CV
  • Submitting CVs and applications via email
  • CV distribution services
  • Using your uploaded CV to apply for a job
  • Online application forms
  • An example of using an online application form

We also share the 5 key tasks to keep your job search on track