Over the summer I co-lead 2 Vision Quests. These are highly intense events that take a lot of my energy. ‘Holding space’ is not an easy option and both were physically demanding. The heat with the August one and having to walk up and down hills with the September one. I had less than 2 weeks in between, and after the second one, three days later I went on retreat in Mexico.

Ok so that’s stressful.

Added to this my partner has things going on in his personal life that needs support alongside selling his home and we both travelled to Ireland for a wedding.

More stress.

And just before going to Mexico I signed a contract with Routledge for the book (Rethink Retirement is the working title) based on my research. I thought I’d make a start to the book whilst away but I’m a 2 screens woman and can’t work with just a laptop screen. I like to cut and paste between documents. It was good to have a complete break and I swam a lot, walked on the beach and had interesting conversations. I did review the chapters and some content.

This past month I’ve worked out how to divide my research into the chapters and reviewed other materials. I’ve also submitted the first 2 chapters to my editor for comments.

I have a deadline of 1st March, but I’m aiming for 1st February. Putting myself under more pressure but this allows for any unforeseen issues.

It’s a different style of writing to my previous books, usually I write from my head, this time I’m checking references and keeping it with an academic but readable style. It took a while to find my voice for this book, but I now have it and that should make subsequent chapters easier – I hope!

But it adds to my stress.

And I have family needing my support so it’s a 250 mile round weekly round trip, and that takes a day out of my week.

And my home situation is changing.  My partner was moving in with me and then we were going to look for a house together, with his furniture in storage and for me to have time to get rid of things I no longer need. And then we found a new build, with a 2nd floor office that is perfect for me. So we said yes and move in 4 weeks.


I am also in the process of a redesign of my website, and introducing a new service for clients but for now both will be on hold.

Some things have to give, and I need to be kind to myself.

So I have missed some of my weekly newsletters, both here and on my website. But, there is no point trying to write when stressed. I won’t be in flow.

Over coming weeks I’ll likely share some of my book – its got a strong psychological perspective to retirement, so watch this space.

For now I’ve stopped saying ‘I’m stressed’ as that really doesn’t help. Instead I say: there is stress going on around me – but at this moment I’m calm and clear. This is helping.  My new mantra.

Till next time, Denise

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