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Wise Elder

We all get old – it’s the life cycle, but we can choose how we age.

For some it will be to remain the eternal teenager, chasing the youth of their past. Others slip into old age. They believe they are too old to do much. For others it is around external satisfaction – the holidays, golf, and nothing wrong with this.

But some people want more … they yearn for a role in society.

They know that in other cultures with age comes wisdom and they take their place as a village elder. And this intrigues them.

And me.

I’ve started doctoral research to look into this. The rites of passage from adult hood to elder hood.

I’ll be creating blog posts on this topic.

I will also want to be talking with people who consider themselves a wise woman, wise elder. Or has a question, or a suggestion. So feel free to get in touch.

And watch this space …

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