This could be this coming Saturday, it could also be any day!

Life is so busy … sometimes we need to take a break. To step off the treadmill of work and home tasks, to leave aside the pull of technology.

Doing nothing – or just being – is as important to human well-being as doing something.

I’ve gained so much from taking time out and just to be … could you take time with your thoughts, to think things through and to see what comes into your consciousness?

Would you like to set aside a day to unplug and do nothing?

I’m going to repeat my day in nature on Midsummers day – getting up to see the sun rise and to spend much of my time out in nature – sitting and taking time just to be.

For me this is where there is space, a view. I’ll not be hiking, but being mindful – looking around, feeling the ground under my feet, the wind on my face, and to listen to bird song and the rustle of grass and leaves. Looking at the clouds and noticing small changes.

I will make sure that I’m grounded, I focus on my breathing. I keep my phone switched off. I take a notebook to record my thoughts.

This Saturday has been set aside as A Day of Nothing, and there is a website, with guidance booklets, such as how to spend a day in nature.

You may like to spend part of the day out in nature, or visit this website for other ideas, such as a time on art, looking at clouds, looking at the stars. So they suggest doing things, but these are not the sorts of things you normally do.

And if you do go ahead and take a day of doing nothing I’d love to know how you get on, do share

With love, Denise x

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