I like technology and will use it when it is helpful – such as to enable people to book appointments in my online diary simply, rather than playing phone tag. I recently signed up for a service that would allow me to have bots answering questions – so you would think you were chatting online to someone but it was just based on rules.

After spending 2 hours I’ve decided to stop. I’ve always prided myself on my personal approach and would much rather people contacted me to find out more.

BUT … I can still look at ways to simplify processes and make things easier for people to follow so I’ll be revising my website and literature.

I never want to think anything is good enough. I love to review things.

Back in the 1990s I was heavily involved in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). I loved this work, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to make things better – looking for incremental improvements.

So why am I sharing?

Because I’d like you to think of how you provide a personal approach to the work you do. The stuff that can never be done as well by a computer or bot.

How you can improve little things about your work, and yourself.  A tiny improvement, again and again makes a big difference. But only a small change today, will make a difference today.

What can you do more of, or less of?

Today I’m only eating fruit to my evening meal to see how this makes me feel, alongside just  cups of coffee (and it was instant) today.

I’m not logging onto Facebook in quiet moments.

And I’m going to do more blogging, shorter posts, not necessarily about careers, but each will have a message that is relevant to at least one person who reads it.

Any thoughts? Feel free to comment below

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