We must all follow our vision quest to discover ourselves, and to find our relationship with the world around us.

I’m at a point in my life where I want to think again on my life purpose but this time to do it in nature. I want to get in touch with the deeper part of who I am.  You may think this would come easy to me, it is an area I work on with my clients, I use psychometric tools and interesting exercises alongside coaching. It’s quite a traditional, and effective approach and yes, I have done it on myself, but now time for a different way.

On Friday 5th July I will be starting a wilderness Rites of Passage where you do a vision quest and spend 10 days in nature, 4 of these spent on a solo fast.

A vision quest is a ceremony to facilitate change and to help people to move from one stage of their life through to the next. I’m at a turning point, a year on from separating from my husband, approaching 62, and wanting to decide on the focus of my life. I’m in the final stages of acceptance to do a PhD, is that the best way to make a change in the world?

I want to escape the noise and chatter of my daily life and listen to my inner voice. I’ve spent too long looking for the answer via books and other sources of external knowledge. The answer will be within me.

The process will go through 3 stages and is being lead by David Wendl-Berry who trained with Sun Bear and other American medicine men over 30 years ago.

David’s website says:

You will emerge from the Vision Quest with a profound connection to the Earth, and to all of nature. You will in all likelihood know yourself more completely, have dealt with unresolved issues from your past, made plans for your future, discovered who you really are and what your purpose is in life. You will take these discoveries with you to your people – your family, friends and colleagues.

A powerful process and there are 3 stages:

Stage 1 Severance

The first phase is preparation, held at base camp. As part of a small group, maximum of 6, we  prepare and I will get clear on what I need to say goodbye to, what I am letting go of. This process starts before the Quest, I’ve written a letter of intention and created a 10-page autobiography.

Stage 2 Threshold – The Vision Fast

I’ll be spending 4 days and 4 nights living on my own in the wild. I take water, but no food for this time. When I first heard this I said I can barely go 4 hours without food, never mind 4 days. But as I reflected on this, I felt it was a fear. People do fast, why can’t I do it?

I’ll be alone with my thoughts. A lot of time to think. No technology, no watch. I’ll judge the passing of time by the movement of the sun. How many of us really listen to the sound of the wind and look closely at plants? I’m so looking forward to this. I really will be away from all distractions; it will be nature that guides me and helps me find my vision.

We travel light, no tent, but a tarp to make a crude shelter. A journal and pen to make notes and essentials that I’m happy to carry.

Stage 3 – Incorporation

This is when I return, and we make it real and learn from the experience. The quest leader, David Wendl-Berry will hear our story and mirror back. It’s meant to be a very powerful process.

Part two

A second post can be found here:

20 June

From the day I decided yes, I’ve felt different – currently feelings of excitement and anticipation, the fear will surely raise its head the closer it gets. But mainly there is a calmness and a noticeable heightening of my senses. I notice more – vision is sharper, hearing is more acute.

As part of my preparation I’m going to do a day walk, tomorrow, Friday 21st June. I’ll see the sun rise and take time to listen to nature.

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