Have you ever considered the extent to which you are authentic in your life? Are you true to you, or living up to an image, and is this really the image you want?

’ve recently been interviewed for a voluntary position and through our discussion I was clearly me. I didn’t try to show my good side, but to let my natural personality show through. Why would I want to do anything else?

It hasn’t always been this way – many times in the past I have dressed and behaved in a way that pleased others – it got me great success at work, but what about the more passionate and reflective sides, for too long they were hidden away.

My niece has just given birth to her second child, no name yet, but baby can be completely authentic, she’ll cry when hurt, grizzle when her nappy needs changing and smile when she is happy. But as time goes by she will get to learn the rules. She will learn what she can and can’t do, what she has to do to fit in, and how to adapt to be successful at school and in work.

When I talk to my clients about why they choose to work with me, many say its because I come across as a real person, I’m seen as open and honest and they like the way that they can read about me on my web and blog.

My work with clients is around helping them to understand more about who they are and to work with their strengths and natural selves. The more they can be true to themselves, the more content they are likely to be.

To what extent are you being authentic?


Published On: October 15th, 2008 / Categories: Inspiration /

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