If you are self employed or freelance you must understand marketing

I complete a lot of Future Learn courses, but mainly I skim read through them.

Digital Marketing – how to learn more

One caught my eye – Digital Skills: Digital Marketing , I thought it helpful as I’m self employed.  I’ve worked through the 2 week course over a couple of days. I watched the videos/ read the material, including all the additional resources and I’ve learnt a lot.
As a self employed small business owner, you take on many roles – admin, finance officer, project manager and of course marketing. I like writing, and with a site that went live in the last century Google likes it for the content, but it has dropping in the rankings, and whilst I get enough clients I would like to be more visible.
The digital marketing, I do is writing blog posts, mainly focused on one key word and shared over social media. I never wanted to get into paid advertising (the pay per click links and the banners you see as you search) and still don’t but maybe I need to do this and to pay more attention to Search Engine Optimisation.
I always knew I did marketing but haven’t formally called it such for years.
I’m just writing a blog post …. Now I think I need to be more specific. To create my marketing strategy and ensure my activity is focused.
Probably typical of self employed people in my line of work, we want to work with clients, not marketing. But I do have some knowledge, I have an MBA and over 20 years must be doing things right as I’ve got a successful business!

Structure work tasks

self employed

Whilst generally good at time management, I tend to write articles in an ad hoc manner. I also have lots of notes around tasks to do – or loads listed in documents that I then don’t look at.  Alongside being more conscious of marketing activity, I’m going to use an online system – Workflowy.
This is great and allows me to both have an overview and to dive deep into the detail. I signed up via a contact which gives us both additional credits. You get 100 in the free account, 100 more if you sign up via a link. So, I can make 200 entries which seems more than enough.
I only share things I think will be helpful, so if you would like to check it out, here’s a link
It can also be used by writers to organise their thoughts, and students too with essay writing.

Splitting out the roles we do could be useful

I’m not planning on getting a job, but if I was interested in a marketing, or project management role, for example, I could emphasis more of these tasks into my CV and LinkedIn profile.
This can be useful for anyone seeking to change career. Many times a combination CV is the right approach particularly when you want to change career.

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