I’m never sure how a client session will go, or indeed what a client will want to talk about.


The other day I met Cindy. She’s a teacher and not very happy, sort of fell into her job, but she does love sport and being healthy.


She booked for a one hour session to see what ideas I could suggest. I’ve found that a lot of teachers feel stuck, they can’t see beyond what they currently do. That’s when an external perspective can help.


We looked at a number of options, linking together her background and her interests and came up with a diverse range of occupations to explore from Outward bound instructor, to drugs advice worker.


One of them – health promotion specialist really appeals, we’ve seen how her current work experience and interests will enhance her application and I’ve talked about how she can find out more via informational interviews.


She left excited and I got a really nice thank you email today, which makes me feel good! She’ll have to remain positive and resilient, but there is no reason why she can’t be successful if she is willing to be flexible on location and listen and take account of what people say to her.


Would you benefit from a one hour career session with Denise?

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