Catherine is finding it difficult to motivate herself to get a job when she has her ideal job of working as an actress but this isn’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills.

To pursue her dream she will want to be flexible with other work enabling her to pick up work as it becomes available.  She could look to expand on her acting portfolio, perhaps seeking assignments as a role player in business (helping with assessment centres), acting as a patient for medical school training, or perhaps as a costumed interpreter in historical venues.
An alternative is to develop a career which would still allow for flexibility. Temping is the norm, but perhaps to develop skills and experience so she could work as a freelancer, for example graphic or website design or market research interviewing.  Many jobs are part-time but would allow swapping of shifts, thinking of acting related options this could include youth or community work or box office at a theatre.
To keep motivated when out of work Catherine can develop herself through e.g. learning a new computer programme, reading books and also building her contacts via networking.
There are other options, but something to get you thinking … I’d love to know your thoughts and any other suggestions you may have.

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