I regularly get contacted by parents of graduates, a year or so on from graduation they want to help their son or daughter, who has no idea what to do or how to get a job.  I often think life would have been much simpler if we encouraged our sons and daughters to think about their future right now!

Far too many young people wait till they’ve gained their degree or later.  Too late they find out it was the wrong degree, the wrong time for them to go to university, they didn’t make the best use of their time, and they have done nothing to enhance their CV.

Is university the answer?

As costs increase, young people, and their parents need to become active in making a choice.  Taking a degree should not be a passive choice, the automatic next step after A levels, but something chosen to help achieve career and personal goals.
If a young person is passionate on a subject and wants to expand their knowledge then a degree is likely to meet personal goals and expectations.  But it won’t necessarily get them a place on a graduate training scheme, or a job. Much more is needed such as developing work relevant skills and building a CV.
Potential students should think hard and ask questions before deciding on a university career

  • What will I get from going to university?
  • What transferable skills will be gained?
  • What knowledge will be learned?
  • How will I grow and develop as a person?
  • How will this degree and university increase my chance of getting a job?

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Published On: February 11th, 2012 / Categories: Students and Graduates /

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