Career support for teens and students

Not long till results time. A stressful time for both you, and your child. You want them to do well in life, to find a fulfilling career. Some know what they want to do. Most are unsure. All their friends are going to University, but have they chosen the right course? Is this even the right time for them to go?
Your teen may struggle at school and fear the worst for their exam results. This is often when they choose courses that didn’t play to their natural ability. When I talk with younger clients many have struggled, for example with science and maths and they should have studied arts based subjects. Or they lack motivation they don’t really want the career lined up for them but want to please you, as the most important person in their life.
This can be a great time for career support for teens. Use of the Highlands Ability Battery and an in-depth consultation means we can identify where your teen or recent graduate should focus for study and work.
Many parents contact me after graduation. Their child is not getting shortlisted for jobs. They failed to capitalise on the time by taking up opportunities to demonstrate leadership or a strong work ethic. Whilst my career support for teens can help, far better to get thinking now. University is a time for fun and making friends but it’s also the time for exploring options and gathering relevant experience to enhance their CV. Let me help your child get clearer on their strengths, their personality, how to deal with conflict, effective study skills.
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And if you want to read more on my career support for teens this page provides more information.

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