If you love music you might like to think about a career in the music industry – this may be through your musical or vocal skills through joining a band but there are lots of jobs associated with the musicians that you might like to consider.

I’ve already covered a number of possible career paths in the first part of this article: https://www.amazingpeople.co.uk/blog/index.php/2008/08/09/choosing-a-career-in-the-music-industry/ 

Here are some more options: 

Music Distributor  
  • The Pros: You will be one of the first to know when new albums are coming out and can work closely with record labels and record stores.
  • The Cons: you will have to sell releases you don’t like and entry level jobs can involve you in packaging and distribution 
Sound Engineer  
  • The Pros: If you love technical stuff you may well love this job, and you can get to go on tour and be part of a live show
  • The Cons: You have to be able to adapt to different equipment and work hard to make poor equipment produce a great sound 
 Music PR 
  •  The Pros: Can pay well and you will work closely with the media
  • The Cons: It can be really hard work to get to talk with people, like other forms of PR it can be glamorous but a lot of work getting people to pick up on the story 
Record Producer  
  • Pros: You can gain as much recognition as the artist and work with many different bands and artists
  • Cons: you might need to work for free while you build a reputation and you have to really understand the technology. 
Music Journalist  
  • Pros: Can get to talk with your favourite artists and shape peoples thoughts about bands, venues etc.
  • Cons: It’s highly competitive and you need to work hard and smart to get the story/interview 
Cover Art Designer  
  • Pros: You can become an icon! People remember the cover of an album
  • Cons: you can get ripped off without good legal protection of your work and may need to work for free until you build a reputation. 

 I’ve worked with a few clients who tried to make a successful career in the music business but after 10 years or so haven’t made enough money and are consulting me so they can find a job that will enable them to settle down and buy a house.   But there will be many people who are making a success of this career path and obviously don’t need to contact me.

If the music trade interests you work out which is your best path, and if you want to talk it through with someone do get in touch.

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