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The organisers of a worldwide Christian festival have announced that they are to choose an alternative date for the event. ‘We accept that in hindsight choosing 25th December was a mistake,’ said chief spokesman for Christianity, God.

‘Originally we thought that it would be a great time to have the festival – practically everyone’s off work for Christmas and the schools are closed. We thought it would give everyone plenty of time to go to church to celebrate the birth of Christ the Lord your Saviour, but in reality people are far too busy eating too much, getting pissed, trying to cop off at office parties and watching the My Family Christmas special and similar shite. We really need a quieter time of year for our celebrations.’

God admitted that the problem started from no-one knowing exactly when Jesus was born.

‘We were too busy trying to work out what you do with myrrh to write the date down,’ He said. ‘We knew 25th December was already the date of Christmas and pagan Yule festival, but we were confident we could make it our own. All the pagans had was a bit of holly, mistletoe and those chocolate Yule logs, so there wasn’t much to overcome. We introduced a few carols and people were won over.

What we hadn’t counted on was Christmas being so enduringly popular. Songs like Merry Xmas Everybody and I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday are so engrained in tradition we stood no chance against them. We did try to trick people with Cliff Richard songs for a few years, but most normal people weren’t fooled. Ultimately we just couldn’t compete.’

receiving message is being watered down all the time. ’

Christians have already started the search for an alternative date for their celebrations. ‘It’s not easy though,’ grumbled God. ‘We were thinking about some time in the Spring, but we’d have to avoid a clash with Easter. We wouldn’t want to interrupt people’s chocolate eating activities.’

Please remember the CHRIST in Christmas!



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