Is it possible to turn a hobby into a career?

Many things are possible, and if we hate our jobs or are looking for something new to do then we may find something via a hobby or interest.

One approach is to list the things we do outside of our paid job – things like baking, crafts, using a computer, fixing things, gardening, a love of cleaning, photography. The list is endless.

Go through and make a note of the activities which you could earn money through doing.

You may be an expert baker and people may pay you to make cakes, but perhaps although you enjoy oil painting you know that you are not (yet) skilled enough to charge for the work.

Having the skill to do something – make cakes, repair computers is great, but you also need to have the business skills. How will you get clients and/or sell your product/service?

There is also the costs to consider – set up etc but there are many benefits.

So of course it is possible, but don’t forget to consider developing business skills.  And often the best way to start is working after your job, developing something in your spare time.

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